Placing a Baby for Adoption

How to Put My Baby Up for Adoption — 5 Steps

Putting a baby up for adoption is a life-changing decision. If you are considering this option, we want you to know that an adoption agency can provide guidance, support and encouragement every step of the way.

Step 1: Choose Adoption for Your Baby

Deciding to place your baby for adoption can be challenging. Ask yourself: Will putting my baby up for adoption create a better future for both of us? Even though placing a baby for adoption is hard, many birth mothers have said it was the best choice for their situation.

Step 2: Create an Adoption Plan

An adoption professional, like a licensed adoption agency, can help you create your adoption plan. This step puts you in charge of your process. When you put a baby up for adoption, a birth parent specialist will help you find the best family for your baby, get financial support, prepare for hospital time, and more.

Choosing to put a baby up for adoption is brave, and you deserve to be supported at every step of the process.

Step 3: Find an Adoptive Family

Finding the right family can be nerve-wracking, but it can also be a reassuring step to take on your process. It is important to work with a licensed adoption agency for this step, because all of the potential adoptive families you see will be fully screened, safe, and prepared to give your baby a wonderful family.

Step 4: Get to Know the Family Through Open Adoption

Did you know that almost all adoptions today are at least semi-open? This means that putting your baby up for adoption doesn’t have to be “goodbye.” Instead, it can be, “See you soon.”

When you choose to place your baby for adoption, you can decide on the level of openness you are comfortable with. Common forms of contact can include sharing photos, phone calls, video calls, texts, and sometimes even visits. Research has shown that open adoption has benefits for everyone involved, and that it is best when you choose the level of openness that will most benefit yourself and the child.

Step 5: Make a Hospital Plan

Your specialist at your adoption agency will help you to create a hospital plan so that this critical moment of your process will go exactly how you want. When creating your hospital plan, your specialist may ask you things like:

  • Do you want contact with the adoptive family at the hospital?
  • Who do you want to hold the baby first?
  • How much time do you want to spend with your baby after birth?

Step 6: Life After Placement

Placing your baby for adoption isn’t easy, but it could be the best thing for you. It is normal to experience highs and lows after labor, delivery and placement. Make sure to reach out to your specialist at your adoption agency for support. Not only will your body need to recover from labor, but many birth parents also benefit from counseling and you process this life-altering decision.

If you ever need support, know that you are not alone. There are birth mother blogs, podcasts, support groups and counselors that you can access. Your specialist at your adoption agency can help you find all of these things.

You Are Not “Giving Up” Your Baby for Adoption

It’s important to remember that adoption is a courageous decision that can create a better future for everyone involved. No matter why you choose adoption, your reasons are valid. And you be feel confident that your child will have a loving family with the help of a licensed adoption agency.

If you find yourself in a situation where parenting isn’t the best option, adoption could be the right choice for you. Choosing adoption is not “giving up,” and an adoption agency would love to support you. You can get connected with an adoption agency today.

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