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Adoption Birth Plan [Guide to the Hospital Plan]

The hospital stay is one of the most important moments in an adoption. As the prospective birth mother, you have a lot to think about before the big day. But figuring it all out on your own can be overwhelming.

That’s where your adoption professional will step in. To help make to the process a little easier, they will work with you to create what’s known as an adoption hospital plan. This adoption birth plan worksheet will be used to cover everything from the hospital you’ll be delivering at, to the amount of contact you’ll have with the adoptive family during the birth, and so much more. To learn more about this important aspect of your adoption, we’ve outlined everything you need to know below. If you’d like to learn more, an adoption professional can go over everything you need to know after filling out our free information form. 

What is an Adoption Hospital Plan?

A newborn adoption birth plan is very similar to the adoption plan you made earlier in your pregnancy. Your adoption birth plan will outline all of your preferences for your delivery and will give your adoption professional, hospital staff and the adoptive family a roadmap for what to expect when your due date arrives.

Many women decide to make a birth plan so that they can get ready for and be better prepared for the big day. The hospital birth plan for adoption is the exact same concept, but with a few more details added in.

Why Do I Need an Adoption Hospital Plan?

The hospital stay can be overwhelming for any woman — even if you’re not facing an unplanned pregnancy. That’s why it’s so helpful to have a plan in place so that you’re ready for the big day. Additionally, it’s important to have someone in your corner who knows what your expectations are for the big day. In this case, that would be your adoption professional and the adoptive family. This will be an emotional time, but everyone will be there to support you from start to finish.

We know that it sounds exhausting to have to cover every detail of your adoption birth plan template. But your adoption professional will be there every step of the way. If you’re not entirely sure what your preferences are for your labor and delivery, they can help you figure that out, too.

What Can I Include in My Adoption Birth Plan?

There are plenty of choices you can make in your hospital adoption plan. For example, you can decide:

  • Which members of your support system will join you at the hospital
  • If you want to spend time with the adoptive family at the hospital
  • If you want the adoptive family to be in the delivery room with you
  • If you want to hold your baby first
  • If you want to walk out of the hospital with the adoptive family and your child
  • If you plan to nurse

And much more.

The nice thing about your adoption birth plan is that it’s not set in stone. If you ever need to update your adoption birth plan template, you can always let your adoption professional know — even if you’re already at the hospital. The goal is to make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible throughout your entire adoption journey. So, no matter what you need, your adoption professional will do everything they can to make it possible. Once you are finished filling out your adoption birth plan, your adoption professional will get to work. They’ll begin by distributing your plan to the hospital you choose and the adoptive family. Remember, even when you’re at the hospital, you can update your plan when and if you need to change anything.

How Will an Adoption Agency Help Create My Adoption Birth Plan?

The adoption agency you choose will work closely with you to fill out the adoption hospital plan template with all of the preferences and details you’re looking for. They’ll walk you through each step so that you know exactly what to expect. Additionally, they’ll also be there to support you through the emotional side of your hospital stay.

When Can I Make My Birth Plan for Adoption?

You can start making your adoption birthing plan as early as you want to. There is no time limit when it comes to your adoption plan. If you already have an idea of what you want your hospital stay to look like, you can fill out your adoption hospital plan template, and your adoption professional will help you get started. If you need some more time to think about your decisions, that’s perfectly fine too. As long as you go at a speed that’s comfortable for you, that’s what matters.

Who Can I Contact to Start My Adoption Birth Plan?

Any adoption agency would be more than happy to help you start your adoption birth plan. But if you haven’t had a chance to look yet, then you might be unsure of where to start. To make your search a little easier, please fill out our free information form to be contacted by one of our adoption professionals today.

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