Your Guide to Adoption Agencies in Tennessee

Your Guide to Adoption Agencies in Memphis

Anyone considering adoption for the first time has a lot of questions. If you are like most people, you have a general conception of what adoption is, but not a real understanding of how it happens. That’s okay — there’s a lot to learn.

There are adoption laws, the ins-and-outs of the process, home studies, hospital plans, budgets and more. You can find amazing resources that will help you gain a better understanding of all of these things, but we’re not going to cover it all here. Instead, we’re focusing on the piece that holds it all together: adoption agencies in Memphis.

Agencies are the lynchpin of the adoption process. Without their professional services and expertise, it’s much easier for everything to fall apart. If you are a pregnant woman considering adoption for your baby or hopeful parents thinking about growing your family through adoption, then a Memphis adoption agency can help you.

This guide to Memphis adoption agencies will cover what these organizations are, what they do, where to find agencies near you and more.

What Are Adoption Agencies?

Adoption agencies in Memphis provide important services to prospective birth mothers and hopeful adoptive parents. The adoption process follows a complicated set or procedures, requirements and laws that require training and experience to fully understand. The adoption specialists and social workers at Memphis adoption agencies bring that training and experience to the table. They put it to use for your benefit.

Adoption agencies in Memphis will help you do things like:

Adoption is much more difficult without these services provided by an agency. Additionally, it’s important to know that adoption agencies are licensed and regulated, meaning they are held to high ethical standards by an objective third party. Some other adoption professionals — like adoption law centers — are not held to the same high standards. This is why adoption agencies in Memphis are the must trustworthy professional for your adoption process.

Types of Adoption Agencies in Memphis

There’s more than one type of adoption agency because there is more than one type of adoption. As hopeful parents, you will need to choose the type of adoption you think will be right for your family. Take your time researching your options. When you have landed on a choice, you can research adoption agencies in Memphis that specialize in your type of adoption.

The three primary types of adoption agencies are:

Private Adoption Agencies in Memphis

Private agencies, also called domestic adoption agencies, specialize in domestic infant adoption. If you are a woman considering adoption for your baby, this is the type of agency you will need to work with. For adoptive parents, domestic infant adoption is the process of adopting a baby, usually a newborn, from the U.S. Private adoption agencies in Memphis work with both sides of the adoption to find the perfect adoption opportunity.

Memphis Adoption and Foster Care Agencies

Foster care adoption is another way for hopeful parents to adopt from within the U.S. There are several important differences between foster and private adoption, with one primary point being that foster care adoption typically involves older children. Additionally, whereas private adoption is made possible by the voluntary choice and involvement of the birth parents, foster care adoption typically means that the biological family’s rights have been terminated by a judge. There’s a lot to consider here, and if you have more questions you should reach out to a foster care agency in Memphis.

International Adoption Agencies in Memphis

If you are drawn to adopting from a different country, then you will need to work with an international adoption agency. This type of adoption has to abide by international laws. It involves intercountry travel and the visa immigration process. An international adoption agency is vital in order to complete a successful intercountry adoption.

Adoption Agencies in Memphis

Here are several adoption agencies in Memphis for each type of adoption. You could consider contacting any of these agencies with additional questions:

Domestic Agencies
Foster Care Agencies
International Agencies

What to Look for as a Birth Mother

While adoptive families consider the type of adoption agency to work with, there are some things that you, as a prospective birth mother, should be looking for in any private adoption agency. Unfortunately, not all agencies offer the same level of service. How do you know if the one you are talking to is really a good agency?

There are several things that separate a good agency from a great one. The first is availability. You are going to need the help of your adoption specialist after office hour’s end. Will they respond? Some agencies are available 24/7, while others are not.

Another thing to look for is experience. How long has the agency been operating? How many adoptions have they completed? The more placements, the better for you.

Finally, you may want to ask how many adoptive families the agency is typically working with at any given moment. The more families, the more profiles you will be able to see. This gives you the best chance to find the family that is just right for your baby.

With these things in mind, here are several Memphis adoption agencies you could consider working with:

What Comes Next for Your Adoption?

When you are ready for the next step, you can start contacting some of these adoption agencies in Memphis. Choosing an agency to work with will really kick things into gear with your adoption process. We recommend reaching out to several agencies, asking a lot of questions and paying attention to how you feel during the conversations.

Once you know which agency you like best, you can begin the adoption process.

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