Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Pros and Cons of Unplanned Pregnancy [Complete Guide]

The news of an unplanned pregnancy can come as a massive shock. Because of this situation, you might be sitting there right now wondering, “Could there be some advantages along with disadvantages of an unplanned pregnancy?”

The answer to that will really depend on your personal situation. We know that you, like every woman, will have your own idea of what constitutes a pro and con of an unplanned pregnancy. But to help put things in perspective, we’ve created a list of general advantages and disadvantages of each unplanned pregnancy option.

Advantages of an Unplanned Pregnancy

If you’ve just found out that you’re pregnant unexpectedly, you might feel stuck ruminating over the disadvantages of unwanted pregnancy. But, by reframing the situation, it is possible to instead focus on potential pros of an unplanned pregnancy. And with time, you can find a positive way to move forward. Below, take a look at some things to think about as you prepare for what lies ahead.

  • The opportunity to help complete another family: If you’re considering adoption for your baby, you could change the life of another family in an indescribable way. Every year, countless couples choose adoption to help grow their family. Many of them have spent years struggling with infertility and see this family-building path as their only option for making their dreams come true. While adoption will never be an easy decision to make, this selfless choice will have a profound impact in a hopeful adoptive family’s life.
  • You’ll be able to build your own family: If you’ve always wanted to become a mom, you might feel like your unexpected pregnancy has turned into an unexpected blessing. While this might not be the time you were hoping for, it might be just what you were looking for to make the family of your dreams come true. And it may even become the biggest pro of an unplanned pregnancy.
  • You’ll start to put some things in perspective: When you find out that you’re unexpectedly pregnant, you’ll start to realize what’s really important in life. If you’ve been unsure of what you want your future to look like for a while, this is the time where you’ll really have to look at your goals. And, while no one said mapping out the rest of your life was easy, an unplanned pregnancy might just give you the push you needed all along.
  • Your relationships might change for the better: If you’re thinking about parenting, you’re probably worried about what this unexpected pregnancy will mean for all of your relationships. If you’ve been in a long-term relationship with the baby’s father, your pregnancy might be the motivation needed to make your situation permanent. Likewise, the news of your pregnancy might bring you and your family closer together as they get to meet your little one. And even if you decide not to parent, an unexpected pregnancy might improve your relationship in ways you never thought possible.

Disadvantages of an Unplanned Pregnancy

While there are a number of advantages to an unplanned pregnancy, that’s not to say it will be a completely easy or stress-free experience. As we’re sure you already know, there can be a number of problems associated with an unplanned pregnancy. If you’re wondering, “Why is unplanned pregnancy a problem?” here is what you should know.

  • It’s up to you to choose the right unplanned pregnancy decision: As a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, you are the only one who can — and should — make this decision for you and your baby. But it won’t be easy. After all, this is likely the biggest decision you’ll ever have to make. And while your friends and family can offer helpful advice on what to do next, what to do with an unplanned pregnancy ultimately falls on your shoulders. For many women, not knowing which option to choose can be the biggest unwanted pregnancy problem.
  • Being pregnant is emotionally exhausting: On top of the stress of having to decide what to even do about your unplanned pregnancy, there are also other emotional side effects that you’ll have to deal with. Right now, you’re probably feeling frustrated, confused, angry, afraid and more. If you’re feeling any of these emotional problems related to an unplanned pregnancy, please don’t bottle them up. Reach out to a trained counselor as soon as you can to talk through what you’re feeling.
  • Being pregnant is physically exhausting: If you choose to continue your pregnancy instead of choosing abortion, you’ll have to go through the physical side effects of pregnancy and childbirth. Some women have little to no problems when it comes to being pregnant and are excited to the changes happening to their bodies. Others, not so much.
  • You may need to put certain goals on hold: One of the hardest problems of an unplanned pregnancy might come down to how it affects your future. If you choose to become a parent, be prepared to delay your educational and career goals. And, depending on how old you are, your unplanned pregnancy could mean missing out on other special milestones.While it’s not impossible to work toward your future goals during your pregnancy, this unexpected stressful situation can make things more difficult.
  • You may lose certain relationships: No matter which unplanned pregnancy option you choose, you will see it put a strain on your relationships. Unfortunately, everyone already has their own opinion on what a woman should do about an unplanned pregnancy. You might see the people who you thought would support you distance themselves once they find out the news, and you might have to build a new support system to help you cope with the struggles of an unplanned pregnancy.

These are just some of the potential advantages and disadvantages of an unwanted pregnancy that might apply to your situation. But if you’d like to talk about which ones may apply in your situation, an adoption professional would be more than happy to help. To connect with one today, please fill out our free information form to get started.

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