Your Guide to Adoption Agencies in Colorado

Your Guide to Adoption Agencies in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a wonderful community. For years, many overlooked this city for its larger neighbor to the north. But now Colorado Springs is growing fast and for good reason.

There are all kinds of people in Colorado Springs, including hopeful parents who want to start a family and women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. For people in either of these positions, adoption in Colorado Springs could be the right choice.

Adoption agencies in Colorado Springs can help hopeful parents and expectant mothers. If you are searching for more information about adoption, then you need to understand the important role an adoption agency plays. This complete guide to adoption agencies in Colorado Springs is a great place to start.

We’ll cover topics like:

  • What adoption agencies are
  • How Colorado Springs adoption agencies are licensed and regulated
  • Which agencies could help you with your adoption
  • How to take your next steps toward adoption
  • And more

Adoption can be an amazing journey, and adoption agencies in Colorado Springs help make this journey possible. Here’s what you need to know if you are thinking about adoption.

What Are Adoption Agencies?

You probably have a vague sense of what adoption agencies are and what they do. But how do they really work? What separates an adoption agency from any other adoption professional? And why would you need to find one for your Colorado adoption?

Adoption agencies in Colorado Springs are professional, licensed organizations that provide vital services in order to help hopeful parents and prospective birth mothers complete successful adoptions. Some agencies are smaller, while others are larger. All are made up of social workers, administrators, counselors and other experts in adoption.

Colorado Springs adoption agencies provide services such as:

  • Finding adoption opportunities (sometimes called matches) for hopeful parents and prospective birth mothers
  • Reviewing and filing necessary paperwork
  • Guidance throughout the process, including important steps like the home study (for the hopeful parents) and the hospital plan (for the prospective birth mother) and more
  • Facilitating open adoption communication pre- and post-placement
  • Assisting with the adoption finalization, new birth certificate and other important documents
  • And more

Without these services, it can be really challenging to correctly follow all of the required steps to complete a safe, legal adoption.

Unlike other adoption professionals, adoption agencies are subject to strict, objective review through licensing and state regulations. This sets adoption agencies in Colorado Springs apart — you know you can trust a good agency.

Types of Adoption Agencies in Colorado Springs

Before we get into the Colorado Springs adoption agencies that you could potentially work with, we need to cover the types of adoption agencies you can choose from. When you’re a hopeful adoptive parent, one important decision you will make early in the process is the type of adoption that you want to pursue.

There are, generally speaking, three types of adoption:

  • Domestic infant
  • Foster care
  • International

Each type has a corresponding type of adoption agency.

Domestic adoption agencies in Colorado Springs can help you through the domestic infant (also called private) adoption process. If you are a hopeful parent who dreams of adopting a baby from the U.S., this is most likely the best type of adoption for you.

There are local domestic adoption agencies and national domestic adoption agencies. As a hopeful parent or a prospective birth mother, you could work with either. There are pros and cons that will differ depending on what you see as most important. For instance, a local agency will give you face-to-face interaction with a social worker but could result in a longer wait time. A national agency can offer greater financial security and shorter waits but may not meet with you in-person.

Colorado Springs adoption and foster care agencies can help hopeful parents who are considering foster care adoption. There are thousands of children in Colorado’s foster care system who are waiting for a family through adoption. This type of adoption can be a beautiful way to start your family and meet a child’s needs.

Anyone considering foster care adoption must be patient, as well as open to the possibility of adopting an older child. Colorado Springs adoption and foster care agencies can answer more questions about this process.

International adoption agencies in Colorado Springs are an absolutely necessary resource for any family considering international adoption. This process is long, complicated and emotional. Navigating international law while also starting or growing a family can be a real challenge. But with the right help, it is possible.

Colorado Springs Adoption Agencies

Below you will find several of each type of agency that could be a good fit for you:

Domestic Adoption Agencies in Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Adoption and Foster Care Agencies
International Adoption Agencies in Colorado Springs

How to Choose a Colorado Springs Adoption Agency as a Prospective Birth Mother

When you’re a pregnant woman considering adoption, there are different things you’ll want to look for in an adoption agency. You are making a very difficult choice — one that will change the trajectory of your life. It’s important to find the best agency during this process.

What’s best for you will be unique. Only you can truly know which agency is the right fit. However, there are some common factors that indicate a quality adoption agency.

Professionalism: Some adoption professionals are more trustworthy than others. How can you figure out if the one you are talking to is legit? Ask about licensing and regulation. Quality adoption agencies in Colorado Springs are fully licensed. If you ask and they start talking around the question instead of giving a straight answer, that probably means they aren’t fully-licensed.

Availability: Try calling an agency later at night to see if they answer. Some agencies are only available during business hours. But during the adoption process, you are going to need things outside of the typical 9-5 workday.

Experience: How many adoption placements does the agency complete each year? More experience is good for you, because it means the agency will be better prepared to handle almost any situation that might come up.

Safety: How do you feel when you talk with the agency? Do you feel safe, encouraged and listened to? Or do you feel pressured and anxious? Listen to your gut on this one, and choose a Colorado Springs adoption agency that makes you feel safe.

With these things in mind, you could consider contacting the following agencies:

Next Steps Toward Your Adoption

What comes next? If you are sure that adoption is the right choice for you, or even if you still have questions, you can begin by contact any of the adoption agencies listed here. Ask questions, and call multiple agencies. Get a feel for whether or not the agency will be right for you.

When you feel confident in your choice, you can begin working with a Colorado Springs adoption agency for your adoption process.

Ready to get started? Contact an adoption agency now to get free information.

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