Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned Pregnancy? What to Do Next [Guide]

An unplanned pregnancy can turn your life upside down in an instant. Because of this, it’s normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed as you think about what this means for your future. It’s also normal to have a lot of questions about what you should even do next. You’re probably asking yourself:

  • Who should I tell about my unplanned pregnancy first?
  • What should I do for an unwanted pregnancy?
  • Which unplanned pregnancy option is right for me?
  • Who can I talk to about an unplanned pregnancy?

The first thing we’d like you to know is that you’re not alone and that help is available. In this guide, we plan to go over exactly what to do with an unexpected pregnancy, who you can reach out to, what to consider as you make your decision and more.

What’s the First Thing I Should Do for an Unplanned Pregnancy?

No one really prepares you for how to feel when it comes to a situation like this. If you’ve just found out about your unplanned pregnancy, and you’re not sure what to do next, these four steps will help put you on the right track:

1. Talk to your doctor

The first thing that you’ll want to do is confirm your pregnancy with your doctor. At your appointment, they will be able to determine how far along you are, which can make a big difference when it comes to which unintended pregnancy options are available to you. You will also be able to ask them any questions about pregnancy, childbirth or abortion.

2. Take some time for yourself

The news of an unplanned pregnancy is a lot to take in. You’re probably going to need some time to sort through all of your feelings before you can really figure out what to do next. If you feel shock, anger or disbelief, know that that’s normal. Don’t feel like you have to bottle any of those emotions up. It’s okay to cry, get angry, or just be alone for a while as you process your emotions. And don’t forget, you can always reach out to an unplanned pregnancy counselor if you need someone to talk to.

3. Reach out to loved ones

We can bet that you’re probably feeling pretty scared and anxious about what your loved ones will say about your unexpected pregnancy. You might even be considering not telling them at all. But, while this might work in the short term, you’ll find that you’ll be cutting yourself off from some much-needed support.

Instead, we encourage you to reach out to friends and family who you know will be supportive of what you’re going through. It might not be easy to tell them what’s going on, but it’s much better than keeping it all to yourself.

4. Contact a professional

Talking to an unplanned pregnancy counselor is one of the best places to reach out to for help. If you haven’t had a moment to look yet, that’s okay. To help you get started, we’ve found a few national adoption agencies that you might consider contacting:

These adoption agencies provide free, unbiased counseling for women facing an unplanned pregnancy, so you can contact them to get support and information about all of your options for unplanned pregnancy, not just adoption.

What are My Unexpected Pregnancy Options?

Before you can decide what to do when you have an unplanned pregnancy, it’s a good idea to start researching your options. Below is a little bit of information on each one:

  • Abortion: Abortion is known as your early unplanned pregnancy option. If you’re considering this path, it’s important to brush up on abortion laws in your state, as they vary widely. You’ll also want to talk to your doctor as soon as possible to make sure this is still an option for you.
  • Adoption: Adoption can be chosen at any point in your unintended pregnancy, and even after birth. Many women consider it to be the best option out of their three choices for an unplanned pregnancy. If you do choose to make an adoption plan, a trained professional will walk you through every step of the process. And because you’re in the driver’s seat, you’ll be able to decide how much contact you’re open to, what you want the adoptive family to look like, and so much more.
  • Parenting: Lastly, you can always decide to parent your child. But, as you’ve probably been told hundreds of times before, parenting — while rewarding — is not an easy job. If you’re considering this option for your unplanned pregnancy, you’ll want to make sure that you’re financially and emotionally ready for the journey ahead.

If you’re not sure about which option is right for you, don’t worry. Any unplanned pregnancy counselor can go over your options and help you work through your feelings until you come to a decision that feels right.

How to Decide What to Do with an Unplanned Pregnancy

What you decide to with an unplanned pregnancy may be the most important decision you ever make. Because of this, you’re probably having a hard time trying to determine which of your options is right for you.

More than anything else, you should make sure that you’re doing what you feel is right. While other people will have their own opinions on how you should handle an unplanned pregnancy, you are the only one who can and should decide what to do next. It might be helpful to think about your goals for the future and even talk it through with family and friends. And don’t forget, you can always reach out to an adoption agency for professional unplanned pregnancy advice.

How Can an Agency Help with an Unplanned or Undesired Pregnancy?

An adoption agency can be more helpful than you might realize. When you contact one, you’ll have the chance to speak with a trained professional who can answer all of your questions about an unplanned pregnancy — not just the ones surrounding adoption. They can also offer helpful educational resources that might make it easier to make a decision.

You should also know that any information you receive from an adoption agency is completely free. Some agencies also offer 24/7 adoption hotlines, and you don’t need to worry about scheduling a time to speak to a professional. No matter when you need help for your unintended pregnancy, they are there to listen.

If you’d like to speak with an adoption professional today, then we’d be happy to connect you to one. To get started, please fill out our free information form to get in touch.

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