Your Guide to Adoption Agencies in Tennessee

Your Guide to Adoption Agencies in Nashville

Nashville is one of the hottest cities in the country. It’s attracting thousands of young, creative people each year with a booming population, unprecedented development and diverse cultures across different parts of town. Among those flocking to the city are many people who will end up considering adoption. If you’re here, you’re likely among the group.

You could be one of the thousands of new young couples in Nashville who dream of starting a family. Or, you could be a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, looking for the best option moving forward. Either way, you could use the help of one of the adoption agencies in Nashville.

If you’re curious about adoption, understanding agencies is the place to start. This guide is going to help you out. We’ll talk about what agencies are and what they do, the types of agencies you can choose from and the agencies around Nashville that you can work with.

What Are Adoption Agencies in Nashville?

Adoption agencies are the professional organizations that make adoption possible for thousands of people every year. Agencies are comprised of adoption specialists, social workers, administrators and other staff. They are licensed and regulated, which provides a sense of confidence that an agency-assisted adoption is completed legally and ethically.

Nashville adoption agencies provide important support to women considering adoption for their babies and hopeful parents who want to adopt. The process can be complicated, and navigating it without the guidance of an agency can feel like facing a white-water rapid all on your own.

Some of these important services include:

Some adoption agencies in Nashville will provide all of these things and more, while others may only be built to serve you at certain steps of the process. This brings us to the next important thing you should understand about adoption agencies.

Types of Adoption Agencies in Nashville

There’s more than one type of agency for a couple of reasons. First, because there is more than one type of adoption. Agencies specialize in certain types of adoption, and choosing the type that is right for you is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in the whole process. Second, because agencies differ in the scope of work and services offered. We’ll cover all of this.

The type of Nashville adoption agency you choose is one of the first big decisions in the process. There are three main types to choose from:

  • Private adoption agencies in Nashville: Private agencies, also called domestic agencies, work with the domestic infant adoption process. If you are a pregnant woman considering adoption, this is the type of agency you will need to work with. Private agencies usually work with hopeful parents who want to adopt a newborn baby from the U.S.
  • Nashville adoption and foster care agencies: Foster care adoption is another way for families to adopt from the U.S. This type of adoption is great for families who value a lower cost associated with the process and are prepared to adopt an older child.
  • International adoption agencies in Nashville: International adoption agencies in Nashville work with parents who want to adopt a child from a different country. This process can be especially complex and have a longer average wait time than domestic adoption.

Within these types of adoption agencies, there are several other distinctions to look for. As mentioned previously, some agencies are “full-service” and others are not. A full-service agency can meet your needs from start to finish, while other agencies will hand you off to a different professional at some point in the process.

Additionally, you can choose between national and local private adoption agencies. National agencies typically offer shorter wait times and greater availability due to working across the country with large staffs. Local agencies, working within either a state or county, have smaller staffs and may give you a greater chance of in-person interaction with your social worker.

Adoption Agencies in Nashville for Adoptive Parents

That may be a lot to consider. Take your time researching the types of adoption and the different adoption agencies in Nashville. When you are ready to start making calls, here are several Nashville adoption agencies you could work with:

Domestic Adoption
Foster Care Adoption
International Adoption

Nashville Adoption Agencies for Birth Mothers

Just like adoptive families, prospective birth mothers should carefully consider any adoption agency they work with. Agencies provide different levels of service that will make or break your experience in the adoption process.

When you are looking for adoption agencies in Nashville, there are a few things that any agency should have. The first is a long history. You want to work with experienced professionals who have seen all kinds of unique challenges in the adoption process.

Another good thing to look for is the number of families an agency works with. When you choose adoption for your baby, you get to pick the family you think will be best. If an agency works with more families, that means more potential family profiles for you to view. This gives you the best chance of finding the right parents for your child.

Finally, check on an agency’s availability. Will they answer the phone after the office closes? What happens if you have an urgent question late at night or on a weekend? Not all agencies will be there for you.

Here are several Nashville adoption agencies you could call and ask about these things:

How to Start Your Nashville Adoption

It’s okay to take your time with this choice. Adoption is one of the most life-changing endeavors you will ever set out on. When you feel ready, you can take your next step by contacting some of the Nashville adoption agencies listed here. Once you’re talking to the right one, ask how you can begin the adoption process today.

Ready to get started? Contact an adoption agency now to get free information.

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