What Can I Choose About the Adoptive Family?

Finding an Adoptive Family by Lifestyle

Among the many preferences a birth mother might have for an adoptive family, lifestyle could be the deciding factor. While lifestyle may seem like a relatively general term, it’s important to understand the details of an adoptive family’s life, including:

  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Religious beliefs
  • And more

Before searching available adoptive couples, prospective birth parents may want to make a list of the different lifestyle factors important to them for the growth and development of their child with an adoptive couple. As a potential birth mother, ask yourself the question as to whether the adoptive family you are choosing has some of the same interests as you. Your adoption professional can help you narrow down adoptive couples based on your specific preferences.

To start searching for the perfect adoptive parents today, contact an adoption agency or browse adoptive families’ profiles here. In the meantime, learn more about the different lifestyle factors you might want to consider when searching for an adoptive family below.


One of the common reasons why a prospective birth parent might choose an adoptive family is because of their financial status, or at least perceived financial status. Wanting the very best for their children, it’s natural for prospective birth parents to search specifically for “rich parents looking to adopt.”

However, it’s important to know that adoptive parents don’t need to be exorbitantly wealthy to provide an amazing life for a child. Any parents you choose through a reputable adoption agency have already been screened and deemed financially ready to adopt and raise a child. During the home study, an adoptive family’s ability to financially support a child is determined and approved, so the idea of a “rich couple looking to adopt” isn’t exactly something to focus on, as their financial stability isn’t in question.

While looking at family profiles provided by your adoption professional, you will find that many adoptive parents can offer a nice home or upscale neighborhood, which could instill confidence as to the level of financial support and surroundings a wealthy adoptive family can provide for a child.

As it relates to the adoption process before the baby is born, wealthy adoptive parents are unable to provide financial assistance beyond what is allowed by state laws. It’s important to note that an adoptive family’s financial standing is not a reflection of what can be provided to a prospective birth mother during the course of an adoption.

It’s also important to understand that just because a prospective birth mother is looking for rich parents to adopt that doesn’t mean she is trying to be greedy or “make money;” rather, she is trying to find the best possible situation for her child. The misconception that only rich people can adopt is, quite simply, a myth. There are adoptive families from varying financial backgrounds that want to adopt, and the home study process will determine their readiness as parents based on many factors, including financial stability, emotional stability, physical ability, safety of the home and more., and the home study process will determine their readiness as parents based on many factors, including financial stability, emotional stability, physical ability, safety of the home and more.


Without a doubt, health and the physical ability of an adoptive family is important when searching for available adoptive parents. Babies and young children require a large amount of physical readiness from a parent in order to keep up with long nights, feedings and playing. While older adoptive parents can provide certain benefits to a child, such as more experience with parenting and a stronger emotional readiness than that of a younger adoptive couple, being physically able and not having health issues that could interfere with parenting is something which should be heavily weighted when searching for adoptive parents.

Health also goes beyond the physical aspect of the word. Health can also include wellness and nutritional preferences. You might have certain preferences when searching for adoptive families, such as a vegetarian or vegan couple looking to adopt, an active and exercise-conscious family and other specific dietary and physical interests.

Prospective birth mothers may have similar health and wellness interests or prefer their child grow up in a home that prioritizes good eating habits and exercise.


Prospective birth mothers can search for adoptive parents with similar interests and hobbies, which can help kick off the relationship from the start. It can be exciting for prospective birth parents and adoptive families to connect through mutual interests.

Some of those interests and hobbies could include any of the following:

  • Outdoor activities
  • Reading
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • Traveling
  • Religion
  • Cooking
  • Art
  • And more

The importance of finding a family with similar interests can help prospective birth mothers feel as though their child will grow up in an environment similar to their own and will give their child shared experiences, helping grow the relationship between birth mom, her child and the adoptive family.


Personal values can include many different and important views on life. Whether it be religious beliefs, political views, or just general life choices that make up your everyday existence and decision making, a person’s values directly dictate who they are and who they try to be.

Choosing an adoptive family with similar values can ensure that you know what type of parents they can be to your child. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with the adoptive parents on a level which not only builds your confidence in them as parents, but furthers your relationship with them and bridges the gap between the two of you.


For many prospective birth mothers, the adoptive family having a good educational background helps generate confidence in their ability to parent their child and teach them important skills and life lessons. A strong education generally means good jobs and financial stability. While the home study process assesses prospective adoptive parents’ ability to financially support a child regardless of their actual wealth, there’s something to be said for knowing the adoptive parents have good, well-paying jobs due in part to their success academically.

More importantly, you may be concerned with the type of education the adoptive family will provide for your child. Many adoptive parents place a high value on education and will provide your child with opportunities to attend college or pursue other important academic goals.


Ultimately, finding the right family to adopt your child is most important. While there are certain lifestyle choices that fit your needs and wants, liking the family, trusting your gut instincts and feeling confident in their ability to parent your child should matter the most.

An adoption agency and adoption professional can help you find a family that fits your lifestyle choices and the type of environment you want for your child. Whether it’s religion, values, beliefs or interests and hobbies, you can view profiles of families who may be the perfect fit.

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