Your Guide to Adoption Agencies in Tennessee

Your Guide to Adoption Agencies in Chattanooga

Chattanooga is a hidden gem in the southeast corner of Tennessee. Tucked into the southern hills of the Smokey Mountains, this outdoorsy town brings together the best of nature and city-life. It’s no wonder so many people call it home.

If you live in Chattanooga, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about starting a family. Conversely, you may be experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and feel unsure of what to do. If either of these situations describes you, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide to adoption agencies in Chattanooga is just for you.

Adoption agencies in Chattanooga provide important services to prospective birth mothers and hopeful adoptive families. Without these agencies, adoption wouldn’t happen. Here you’ll find the most important information about what these agencies are, what they do and which agencies you could choose.

What Are Adoption Agencies in Chattanooga?

Agencies are licensed, regulated organizations that provide support and services to prospective birth mothers and adoptive families.

The adoption process is long and complicated. It involves attorneys, administrative work, social workers, medical professionals and more. Each state has its own unique laws to follow. There are also delicate emotional hurdles along the way. Successfully taking each step on your own is incredibly difficult. But with the help of a Chattanooga adoption agency, you’re not on your own.

An agency is there to guide and support you from start to finish in the adoption process. They will help you complete a successful adoption.

Types of Adoption Agencies in Chattanooga

There are several types of adoption agencies in Chattanooga. These correspond with the types of adoption that hopeful parents can choose between. Each family is unique, which means that the type of adoption that is right for one family may be wrong for another. Take time to research all of your options, and when you feel certain, begin looking at Chattanooga adoption agencies that match.

The three types of adoption agencies in Chattanooga are:

Private Domestic Adoption Agencies

Expectant mothers considering adoption will work with a private adoption agency in Chattanooga to create an adoption plan. If you are hopeful parents who want to adopt a newborn from the U.S., then this is the type of adoption agency for you.

Within private adoption agencies there are two sub-types to consider: national vs. local. Both have benefits depending on your situation. National agencies typically offer families shorter wait times and better financial protection, while local agencies may provide the chance for face-to-face interaction with a social worker. There’s a lot more to it than just that, so do your research and decide which type of private agency will serve you best.

Foster Care Agencies

Foster care adoption is another way for hopeful parents to adopt from the U.S. However, in most cases, this involves the adoption of older children through a process that can be somewhat unpredictable. With the help of a Chattanooga adoption and foster care agency, you can work with the state to be placed with a child who is waiting for a family through adoption. Foster care adoption meets the needs of a child and can be a great way to start or grow your family.

International Adoption Agencies

If adoption in the U.S. isn’t right for your family, you could choose to adopt a child from a different country with the help of an international adoption agency in Chattanooga. International adoption has been on the decline since its peak in 2004, but is still a family-building option chosen by thousands of American families each year.

Choosing the type of adoption and an adoption agency to work with are two of the most important decisions in the entire adoption process. Take your time, do your research and ask a lot of questions. We’re confident you will be able to find the right agency.

Adoption Agencies in Chattanooga for Adoptive Parents

As you continue to research adoption agencies in Chattanooga, here are several agencies for each type of adoption that you could consider:

Domestic Adoption Agencies in Chattanooga
Chattanooga Adoption and Foster Care Agencies
International Adoption Agencies in Chattanooga

Chattanooga Adoption Agencies for Birth Mothers

The way an adoption agency supports you as a prospective birth mother will determine whether you have a good or bad experience with the adoption process. A good agency will always have your back and make sure you are in charge of the adoption process. They will have 24/7 availability to meet your needs whenever they arise and a large number of adoptive families to show you so that you can find the perfect fit for your baby.

When you are considering adoption agencies, make sure they are fully-licensed and have years of experience. There are several adoption agencies in Chattanooga that you could work with when you are considering adoption for your baby:

What’s Next for your Chattanooga Adoption?

Continue researching your adoption options and considering whether or not adoption is right for you. When you are ready to take the next big step, look at the websites of some of the Chattanooga adoption agencies listed here and begin contacting them. Come prepared with a list of questions and expect clear, honest answers. Pay attention to how you feel during the conversation and when you have a good sense of which agency you want to work with, begin creating your adoption plan.

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