Placing a Baby for Adoption

When Can You “Give a Child Up” for Adoption?

If you’re new to adoption, you most likely have a lot of questions. One of the most common questions is: When can I place my baby for adoption?

The answer to this question is largely dependent upon your unique set of circumstances.  There is no universally right or wrong time to place a baby for adoption.  If you have decided that adoption is what’s best for you and your baby, you are most likely experiencing a lot of conflicting emotions. You know that you’re making the right choice, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult. No matter what point you make this decision; there are adoption agencies that can help you get started with your adoption journey. To get more information on adoption and the opportunities that come with it, get connected with an adoption professional today by contacting us here.

In this article you’ll learn about when you can “give a child up” for adoption.

When is the Right Time to Place My Child for Adoption?

Generally speaking, the “right” time to place your child for adoption is whenever you are certain that adoption is the best choice for you and your baby.   This is a huge decision that will not only affect your life, but your child’s. It’s important you take as much time as you need to make this decision. Even if you’re not entirely sure if adoption is right for you, you can reach out to an adoption professional to learn more about the process.

If you’re still on the fence about whether adoption is the right choice for you, considering the following:

  • Am I ready for the responsibilities of parenthood?
  • Can I financially support a child?
  • Am I willing to put certain things in my life on hold to make time for my child?
  • Do I want to be a parent?

There are other things to consider as well, but if the answer to any of these questions is “no,” adoption might be the best choice for you. Speaking with an adoption professional can help you get a better understanding of the ins and outs of adoption to help you determine when adoption would be in the best interest of you and your baby.

Early in the Pregnancy

If you’re faced with an unplanned pregnancy and aren’t ready to parent, you have probably already begun to look at your primary options: adoption or abortion. Both are valid options, and one could be more ideal for you than the other depending on your unique situation.  If you feel like abortion isn’t for you, adoption is a wonderful way to give your baby the opportunity to have the loving family they deserve.

If you are still early in your pregnancy, you may be asking, “When can I start putting my baby up for adoption? How early can I have an adoption professional walk me through the process?”

It is never “too early” in your pregnancy to begin the adoption process. In fact, if you choose adoption early on, you might find some peace of mind knowing that you have plenty of time before the baby is born to talk to an adoption professional and come up with an adoption plan. Even if you haven’t completely committed to the idea of adoption, you can still speak with an adoption specialist who can provide you with free information and help you come up with the course of action that is right for you.

It’s also worth mentioning that as the prospective birth parent, adoption comes at no expense to you. The adoptive family will often cover your pregnancy-related medical expenses, as well as living expenses such as rent, food, utilities, etc.

If you are wondering when to start considering adoption, it’s never too early to reach out to an adoption professional to learn more about the opportunities of adoption.

Late in the Pregnancy

If you’re struggling to decide how to handle your unplanned pregnancy, you might not choose adoption until much later in your pregnancy, and that’s okay. Choosing to place your child for adoption is a huge decision, and you should take as much time as you need to determine if this is the best option for you and your baby. You’re never too far into your pregnancy to choose adoption.

Because adoption is such a difficult decision to make, many prospective birth parents don’t decide until the “last minute” that they want to place their child for adoption. Some potential birth parents don’t even make the decision until they’re at the hospital. If you are considering “giving your baby up” for adoption, when to decide is completely up to you and when you are ready. Remember, your decision never becomes final until after your baby is born and you complete the legal adoption paperwork, so if you’re wondering when you should “give up” a child for adoption, you don’t have to worry about making the final decision until you’re completely ready.

While adoption is definitely still an option in the later stages of your pregnancy, you will admittedly have less time to create an adoption plan before the baby is born.  An adoption specialist will work with you at any stage of your pregnancy to help you navigate the process while you prepare for the birth of your baby.

After the Baby is Born

If you’re faced with an unplanned pregnancy and haven’t decided to pursue adoption until after the baby has been born, adoption is still a viable option for you.  An unplanned pregnancy can evoke a lot of overwhelming emotions that might make it difficult to choose the unplanned pregnancy option that’s right for you. It’s never too late to choose adoption.

Even after the baby has been born, adoption costs nothing for the birth parent.  You will still have control over the adoption process and will be able to choose the family you feel is perfect to raise your baby. At any given moment, there are many hopeful adoptive families waiting to start the family of their dreams.

If, after you’ve given birth, you have made the decision to place your baby for adoption, you can reach out to an adoption professional when you’re ready who can help you get started with the adoption process.

After Taking the Baby Home

You carried your unplanned pregnancy to term. Now that you are home with your baby, the reality that you’re not ready to parent has set in. This happens more often than you think. You might be wondering if it’s too late to place your baby for adoption. Many women ask, “When can a child be given up for adoption after taking them home? Is it too late?” It’s not too late. Sometimes the gravity of your situation doesn’t fully sink in until you have brought your baby home, and that’s okay.

Adoption is an incredibly selfless and difficult decision to make.  If you are absolutely sure that adoption is the best choice for you, reach out to an adoption professional. From there, they can help you can get started and will be by your side every step of the way.

When the Baby is Older

Maybe you had thought that you could tackle the responsibilities of parenthood. It seemed possible at first, but now after a few weeks, months or years have passed, you realize you might have taken on more than you can handle. You might assume that “giving your child up” for adoption is out of the question.  This is not always the case.

Choosing adoption for your child is already difficult, and it can be harder as they get older. Many private adoption agencies will only work with infants to toddlers up to 4 years old. Older placements are typically more complex than infant adoptions due to the necessary documentation needed from the birth parents.

While adoption is still an option for you, if your child is 4+ years old, not every adoption agency will be able to help you.  If you’re sure you want to pursue adoption, speak with an adoption professional who can help you create an adoption plan for your older child.

Final Thoughts

Adoption is an incredibly selfless act that comes from a place of love. You are making the difficult choice to place your baby with an adoptive family who will be able to give your baby the life they deserve. No matter what your reason is for choosing adoption for your baby, it is always an option for you. Contact an adoption professional today to begin your adoption plan.

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