When Can You “Give a Child Up” for Adoption?

Your Options When You’re 2 Months Pregnant and Don’t Want It

When you find out you’re unexpectedly pregnant, it can feel like the world is crashing down. But, don’t worry. You have options. At two months pregnant, you still have plenty of time to make the best decision for yourself and your baby.

You will always have support available to help you throughout your pregnancy. Although it may be a difficult decision to make, we’re here to help you navigate your options for two months of pregnancy so that you’re prepared to do what’s best for your situation.

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I’m 2 Months Pregnant and Don’t Want It; What Are My Options?

If you’re two months pregnant and don’t want the baby, then there are several options available to you. Take the time to consider what is best for yourself and your future. As you’re weighing your options, it can feel overwhelming, but with the right information, you’ll be on the right track toward a brighter future.

Below are your three options for month two of pregnancy:

  • Adoption: When you’re two months pregnant but don’t want the baby, adoption can pave the way for a future filled with opportunity for yourself and your child. You will also be eligible for financial assistance to cover your pregnancy- and adoption-related expenses. Although it can be emotionally challenging, many birth mothers say it’s one of the best choices they’ve made.
  • Parenting: As the birthmother, you alwayshave the right to parent. But make sure you have the support and financial stability needed to raise a baby. The cost of raising a child up to the age of 17 is $310,605, and that doesn’t include higher education. Although there are resources out there that can help alleviate these costs, such as Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and Medicaid, it may not be enough for your situation.
  • Abortion: If you’re two months pregnant and considering abortion, then make sure to check your state laws to see if you can choose abortion. In stricter states, you may have to choose abortion earlier in your pregnancy. If you feel like this unplanned pregnancy option is best, then contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Why Do Birth Mothers Choose Adoption at 2 Months Pregnant?

Choosing adoption at two months pregnant is a courageous, selfless decision that comes from a place of love. For some birth parents, this decision can also come from a lack of support or finances. Others might not feel ready to parent and have goals and dreams they’re trying to accomplish first.

No matter the reason, adoption lets you take back control of your life. You’re in charge of the entire process, from choosing a family to making an adoption plan. Ultimately, choosing adoption at two months pregnant will continue to benefit you and your baby in the years ahead.

Birth mother Kariane was unsure what to do about her unplanned pregnancy. Contemplating her options, she knew that adoption would be the best choice for her baby.

“I spent months thinking about going through with the adoption process and through it all, I kept reminding myself that I was making the choice for my child,” Kariane said. “Putting my baby up for adoption was the best way I could give him everything I wanted for him. I don’t feel that I actually gave him up. I feel that I have given him more.

How Can I Begin the Adoption Process When I’m 2 Months Pregnant and Don’t Want It?

To get started on the adoption process, you’ll need to contact an adoption professional, such as a national adoption agency. From there, you’ll connect with a trusted birth parent specialist that will be by your side throughout every step. They’ll help you create an adoption plan, receive financial assistance, find a family and much more.

When you choose adoption at two months pregnant, you’ll be able to move forward to create a better life for yourself and a brighter future for your baby. Below are some reputable national adoption agencies you can contact:

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