What Can I Choose About the Adoptive Family?

Choosing the Religion of the Adoptive Parents

As a prospective birth parent starting the adoption process, one of the most important steps is finding the right adoptive family. If choosing a family by their religious beliefs is important to you, you and your adoption professional have the ability to find the perfect family that falls in line with the same foundation built on religion.

When speaking with the adoptive family upon first meeting them, you can ask specific questions about their life, beliefs and environment, which will help with choosing the right family. Christian families hoping to adopt, Jewish adoptive families and Muslim adoptive families are just some of the many types of families available, depending on your specific needs for your adoption.

The steps that you can take to find the right family will include:

  • Contacting an adoption professional – First, you need to find an adoption agency and adoption professional. This person will be your guide for your adoption. Every step of the process will include important information, resources and support from your adoption professional.
  • Decide which type of family best fits your adoption needs – You have complete control over your adoption, so whatever your religious beliefs are, you can work with your adoption specialist to find a family that lives their life with the same beliefs. You can also choose a family based on other important factors, like where they live, what their hobbies and interests are, and more.
  • Review profiles – With the help of your adoption professional, you’ll use your specific preferences, including religious beliefs, to pick out and view family profiles.
  • Choose a family and begin to get to know them – Once you’ve chosen a family, you can begin to get to know them via phone calls, video chats, emails and/or in-person meet and greets.

People of all religious backgrounds choose adoption to grow their families. If you are looking for adoptive parents of a particular faith, learn more about that process in the sections below.


If finding Christian families hoping to adopt is important to you, there are databases with Christian adoption profiles you can choose from. If you are looking for a family of a particular denomination, you can find that, as well. Whether you are looking for a Catholic couple to adopt your baby, Methodist families, Lutheran parents, etc., there are all kinds of Christian couples looking to adopt, so thinking of specific questions to ask regarding their religious beliefs is a good starting point. Here are some questions to consider asking:

  • What type of church do you attend and how often do you attend it?
  • Were you raised in a religious environment? If not, what drew you to Christianity?
  • What type of religious activities and groups are you involved with?
  • Is baptism important to you?
  • How do you plan to teach your children about Christianity?
  • Why is Christianity important to you?

Once you’ve had a chance to meet the adoptive family, questions like the ones suggested above are a good way to better understand how your religious beliefs match up with theirs.

Are you ready to begin searching for Christian adoptive families? Listings like this one allow you to filter your search to view Christian adoption profiles.


A good way to think about why an adoptive family also practicing Judaism is important to you is to think about the things you enjoyed growing up in the Jewish community. What were some of the activities you experienced and were involved in as a child? Finding a Jewish family hoping to adopt and learning about the ways in which they live their lives with religion can be a good way to find the perfect family for your adoption.

When speaking with them on the phone or meeting them in person, talk to the family about those experiences you had growing up. Use your Jewish beliefs and involvement to connect with the adoptive family moving forward. Ask them questions pertaining to the growth and development of your child through religion. Do they observe the Shabbat and celebrate Jewish holidays? Any questions that you feel are important to you are worth asking.

If you want to find a Jewish adoptive family, you can start the process today by searching adoption profiles here.


Muslim couples hoping to adopt a baby is available to prospective birth parents of Muslim faith (or any parents who want their baby to be raised in Islam). There are hopeful adoptive families from Islamic countries as well as American-born families that have practiced the Muslim faith from birth. There are also Muslim adoptive families that at some point were drawn to Muslim faith later in life.

Asking questions of the adoptive family is the best way to find out if their beliefs fall in line with yours. Here are some good questions to consider.

  • Were you born into Islam? What drew you to the Islamic faith?
  • Why are Muslim values important to you?
  • What are some of your Muslim religious experiences from your childhood?
  • How do you plan on teaching your children the Muslim faith?

It’s also important to get a better understanding of the community your adoptive family lives in and some of the local activities and Muslim businesses and organizations available for participation.

If you haven’t yet found a Muslim couple wanting to adopt a baby, you can begin searching adoption profiles today to find Muslim families looking to adopt.


If for your adoption, you’ve asked the question, “can I find Jehovah’s Witnesses to adopt my child?,” you should feel confident in knowing your adoption professional can help you find a waiting adoptive family that fits your specific needs.

There are some important distinctions to consider about Jehovah’s Witnesses that many religions do not practice. When considering a family that are practicing Jehovah’s Witnesses, here are some specific beliefs that you may find important when raising your child.

  • Medical care – Old and new Testaments believe that you should abstain from receiving blood transfusions. It might be important to you that the adoptive family take your child to a Doctor that practices medicine not involving a blood transfusion, instead using other methods.
  • Relationship guidelines – Jehovah’s Witnesses believe it’s important for dating to occur only when both people are old enough for marriage. Dating should only be between baptized Witnesses, and avoiding immoral sexual behavior or “unclean” acts should be common practice.
  • No celebration of birthdays or holidays – Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe in the celebration of birthdays or holidays such as Christmas.

If you found yourself nodding along with the points above, it may be a good idea to start looking for a Jehovah’s Witness family to adopt your baby. You can start that process by searching through the profiles here.


Buddhist families ready to adopt provide some positive aspects to a child’s upbringing. Buddhists believe in rebirth after death, which is a focus on the importance of life itself. Sila (life), Samadhi (good conduct) and Prajna (morality) are the three virtues which serve as the foundation for Buddhism. There are also five important precepts to live by, as well as the Four Noble Truths:

Five precepts:

  • Do not kill
  • Do not steal
  • Do not lie
  • Do not misuse sex
  • Do not consume alcohol or other drugs

The Four Noble Truths:

  • Dukkha – Suffering exists
  • Samudaya – There is a cause for suffering
  • Nirodha – There is an end of suffering
  • Magga – Ending suffering is possible through the three primary practices of training focus known as the Eightfold Path

It’s also important to ask the adoptive family questions about their lifestyle, community and ways in which their Buddhist beliefs impact their daily lives, as well as what types of community activities they take part in.

If you are ready to start finding and getting to know Buddhist adoptive families, you can begin your search by looking at adoptive family profiles. Not seeing what you’re looking for? That’s OK. Contact an adoption agency today for help finding the perfect family.


If you are Hindu and are looking to find a Hindu family hoping to adopt, think about important questions to ask about their daily life and how they apply the practices and beliefs of the Hindu religion.

Here are some examples of questions to ask:

  • How were you drawn to Hinduism? Were you born into or did you convert?
  • What is your community like?
  • Are there Hindu organizations you’re involved with?
  • What was your childhood like?
  • How are you planning to teach your children Hinduism?

An adoption agency can help you search for and get to know Hindu adoptive families. If you’d like to start searching for a Hindu adoptive family today, you can start searching adoptive family profiles or contact an adoption agency to get started.


There are plenty of potential adoptive families who do not practice any type of religion. Ultimately, it’s up to you as the prospective birth parent to decide whether or not religion is important. Your adoption specialist will be able to guide you in finding the right family for you based on which religious beliefs resonate with your lifestyle and wishes, or a family that doesn’t incorporate religion into their lives or the lives of their children.

Here are some adoption agencies that aren’t specific to a religion but can help you find the perfect family based on their religious beliefs (they can also help you find religion-free adoptive families, if you prefer):

These are some Christian-specific adoption agencies to contact:


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