Your Guide to Adoption Agencies in Indiana

Your Guide to Adoption Agencies in Indianapolis

If you’re trying to adopt or place a child for adoption in the heart of Indiana, there’s a lot you need to know. Choosing an adoption agency from a sea of other professionals can be overwhelming, and you might be unsure of where to start. Whether you’re a hopeful parent or a pregnant woman considering adoption, check out our guide below to adoption agencies in Indianapolis.

What Can an Indianapolis Adoption Agency Do?

Adoption agencies in Indianapolis help facilitate placements between hopeful parents and prospective birth mothers. These licensed centers offer important services — like on‐call counseling and support and adoption education — to anyone who might consider adoption. While it’s possible to have a safe independent adoption, it’s almost always better to work with an experienced adoption agency in Indianapolis.

Types of Indianapolis Adoption Agencies

There a few types of adoption agencies in Indianapolis that prospective parents and pregnant women considering adoption typically use. Each one has their own pros and cons, so it’s up to you to do plenty of research to find the right one. Below is an outline to each one.

Private Adoption Agencies in Indianapolis

Domestic adoption agencies in Indianapolis specialize in the placement of newborns and infants. Both prospective adoptive parents and pregnant women considering adoption have the option of working with a national adoption agency or a local adoption agency in Indianapolis.

If you’re looking for a professional that has all the services you need in one place, then we can’t recommend a national adoption agency enough. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an agency that specializes in local, in-person relationships with their clients, then you might want to consider a regional or local adoption agency. Here are some suggestions for both below.

National Adoption Agencies:

Local Adoption Agencies:

Indianapolis Adoption and Foster Care Agencies

If you know that you’re ready to be a parent, but you’re not sure about an infant adoption, it might be time to consider foster care. With this type of adoption, hopeful parents can provide a permanent or temporary home to a foster child. The biggest difference with this type of adoption, however, is that reunification can make the process uncertain. Still, adopting from foster care can be an extremely rewarding endeavor.

If you’re looking for the best Indianapolis adoption and foster care agency, here are a few of our suggestions:

International Adoption Agencies in Indianapolis

Adopting a child from another country can be an exciting, but complicated, adventure. Some international adoption agencies in Indianapolis only work with certain countries, and international adoptions to the U.S. as a whole continue to decline, so it’s important to keep that in mind during your search. If you’d like to learn more about pursuing an international adoption, here are a few agencies to contact:

Home Study Agencies in Indianapolis

The home study is one of (if not the most) important pieces to finally becoming an adoptive parent. Basically, this process is an evaluation that measures how ready you are to adopt and ensures that you can provide a safe, loving home to a child. Although the process itself can vary, all screenings involve at least an in‐home visit, an interview with every member of your family and the gathering of important documents. Home studies are also the longest step, so we recommend getting started early.

If a national adoption agency is helping you with your adoption and they’re licensed to perform home studies in Indiana, then you won’t need to worry about this step. If not, here are a few of our suggestions for local home study adoption agencies in Indianapolis:

Adoption Agencies in Indianapolis for Prospective Birth Mothers

An unexpected pregnancy will change your whole life. But, help is always available. The best adoption agencies in Indianapolis understand the tough decision you have to make and want to do everything they can to help you make the best choice for you and your baby. While you’re weighing your options, consider Indianapolis adoption agencies that offer financial assistance, 24/7 counseling and support, information on all of your unplanned pregnancy options and thorough screening services to help you find the family of your dreams.

Keep in mind that any agency you consider should never pressure you into making an adoption plan. You are the only one who can make such an important, selfless decision. To receive free information on your next steps, please reach out to:

Your Next Steps

It’s almost impossible to find the right adoption agency on your first attempt. But, we want you to know that that’s normal. This is a process that’s going to take a lot of research until you find one that checks all of your boxes. Once you do, don’t wait to reach out to an adoption specialist. They can provide all the information and help you need to create an adoption plan that’s right for you.

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