Religious Adoption Agencies

Christian Adoption Agencies

What’s a Christian adoption agency?

A Christian adoption agency is, quite simply, an adoption agency that emphasizes the Christian faith and values synonymous with Christianity. If working with an adoption agency who shares your religious views is important to you, you may want to factor this in when choosing an adoption professional. In addition to the other questions you’ll ask an adoption agency, ask about the agency’s religious affiliations and how that factors into their work.

In the same vein, Catholic adoption agencies align with the values of the Catholic faith. Frequently when people think of a Catholic adoption agency, they’re thinking of a Catholic Charities adoption agency. Contact your local Catholic Charities branch to find out if they have adoption services, as not all do.

What types of adoption do Christian adoption agencies complete?

Depending on the professional, a Christian adoption agency might help you complete any of the following types of adoption:

  • Domestic Infant Adoption: The adoption of an infant born in the United States after a birth family has consented to the adoption and chosen a family for their child.
  • International Adoption: The adoption of a child from another country.
  • Adoption from Foster Care: The adoption of any child, regardless of age, from the foster care system.
  • Embryo Adoption: An adoption situation in which adoptive parents adopt a frozen embryo and the adoptive mother carries it for nine months to experience pregnancy and delivery.
  • Special Needs Adoption: The adoption of a child with special needs, which might include older children, sibling groups or children who are adopted by a family of a different race or culture.
  • Relative Adoption: Otherwise known as kinship adoption, an adoption situation in which a birth family chooses to place their child with a family they know and trust and frequently one they are related to.
  • Transracial Adoption: An adoption situation in which the race of an adoptive family is different from the race of the child they are adopting.
  • Adult Adoption: An adoption situation in which adults adopt another adult, which not only formalizes the relationship but provides the legal benefits and protections associated with being legally related to someone.

What are the pros and cons of using a Christian adoption services?

There are both special benefits and potential negatives associated with working with Christian adoption agencies. Some of the pros to choosing a Christian adoption agency might be:

  • Working with a professional who shares your morals
  • The opportunities to volunteer as a minister or missionary, particularly if your agency provides international adoption services for countries with orphanages
  • Greater support from your family or community if they’re hesitant about your adoption situation
  • Access to special support groups or adoption ministries
  • Christian-based counseling

On the other hand, some cons associated with choosing Christian adoption services might be:

  • Christian adoption agencies are frequently smaller than other adoption agencies, which may lead to less advertising and exposure to potential birth parents
  • Some pregnant women may be intimidated by an organization with religious ties
  • Since many Christians define marriage as being between a man and woman only, this could rule out certain types of families from adopting — single parents, same-sex couples, domestic partners, etc.
  • Not all Christian adoption agencies offer full adoption services, which can lead to spending more money and time working with separate adoption professionals

What other resources are available to Christians pursuing adoption?

Adoption for anyone can be expensive, but there may be additional resources available to Christian families to help cover the costs. Christian families may be able to receive the following grants and loans to fund their adoptions:

Examples of Christian Adoption Agencies

If you’re looking for a Christian adoption agency, you have many options. From Christian international adoption agencies to local and regional Christian adoption services to Catholic adoption agencies, there are plenty of adoption professionals that value the Christian faith. To help you in your search, here are links to a few popular Christian adoption professionals:

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