Your Guide to Adoption Agencies in Washington

Your Guide to Adoption Agencies in Spokane

Are you considering adoption?

Spokane can be a great place to raise a family. It’s a small community with a lot of opportunity. There are great neighborhoods and schools. And, as you know, there’s more than one way to start a family here. Adoption agencies in Spokane can help you start your family.

Or, you could be living in Spokane and experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. There are few surprises more disrupting or difficult. As you explore your unplanned pregnancy options, you may be looking for a Spokane adoption agency that can help you.

This guide to adoption agencies in Spokane will help hopeful parents and women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. We’ll cover what adoption agencies in Spokane do, what kind of agencies exist, what to look for in a good agency and the next steps you can take toward adoption.

What Adoption Agencies Do

The adoption process can be long and complicated. Navigating it alone is technically possible, but is not advised. Independent adoptions, which are adoptions attempted without the help of a professional, have a much higher rate of disruption, or failure.

On the other hand, adoption agencies make adoption happen for adoptive parents and prospective birth mothers. Their staffs of licensed, trained and experienced social workers are equipped to help you navigate the complexities of the process. This means assistance such as:

  • Creating an adoption plan
  • Completing the home study for adoption
  • Connecting with an adoption attorney
  • Ensuring each step of the process has been fully completed
  • Counseling through emotional ups and downs
  • Facilitating semi-open adoption communication
  • Remaining a support and guide post-placement
  • And more

Adoption agencies in Spokane are vital to successful adoptions.

Types of Adoption Agencies in Spokane

Adoption agencies in Spokane fall into one of three categories. These categories correspond with the three primary types of adoption that a family could choose from. Before contacting an agency, it’s a good idea to already know which type of adoption will be best for your family.

Take your time making this decision — it’s a big one. Once you have made your choice, these are the types of adoption agency you can contact:

Private Adoption Agencies in Spokane

Private adoption happens when a pregnant woman voluntarily chooses to place her baby for adoption. Working with a private adoption agency in Spokane, she will create a plan and choose an adoptive family. Most private adoptions today are at least semi-open, which means there will be an opportunity for contact with the adoptive parent pre- and post-placement.

Hopeful parents may often hear private adoption referred to as domestic adoption. If you are hopeful parents and your vision is to adopt an infant from the U.S., then you will want to work with one of the domestic adoption agencies in Spokane.

Spokane Adoption and Foster Care Agencies

A different option for hopeful parents is foster care adoption. There are more than 2,000 children in Washington’s foster care system waiting for adoption. These children are often older, and adoptive parents should be prepared for the unique journey of helping a child who has been in foster care form healthy attachment. This can be an amazing way to start your family. Spokane adoption and foster care agencies can help.

International Adoption Agencies in Spokane

The process of adopting a child (or children) from a foreign country takes a lot of time and effort. There are international laws, travel plans, visa applications and more. An international adoption agency in Spokane will help you do all of this if you decide that international adoption is best for your family.

Finding the Best Adoption Agencies in Spokane

How do you know if an agency is a good fit for you? It starts with understanding yourself. What do you want? Is a short wait time most important to you? Do you value face-to-face interaction with a social worker? Are you okay traveling to be placed with your baby?

Each adoption journey is different. Knowing what you want out of the process will lead you to the right Spokane adoption agency.

In general, here are some qualities to look for when researching and contacting agencies:

Is the agency fully licensed?

Adoption is a high-stakes process. It’s important that it is completed the right way. Some adoption professionals are subject to thorough oversight, giving you confidence that they are ethical and responsible. Others set their own rules and are not open to objective review. Ask how the agency is licensed.

What are the average wait times?

Can the agency give you a clear range of average wait times? If not, this is a sign that they do not closely monitor when adoption opportunities come up for families. Typically, national adoption agencies offer shorter wait times because their potential for adoption opportunities is greater.

When are specialists available?

You will have needs arise during the process outside typical office hours. If the agency is only available from 9–5, they won’t be able to meet these needs in a timely manner for the adoptive parents or prospective birth mother.

What are the costs associated with adoption?

First off: Adoption does not cost anything for prospective birth mothers. This question is for hopeful adoptive parents, and what you’re looking for may surprise you. You’re not looking for the lowest cost. Instead, you’re looking for an honest answer and the best services.

Some agencies may lowball you upfront and then introduce hidden fees. Others do truly have lower costs, and they have the services (or lack thereof) to show for it. Look for adoption agencies in Spokane who are upfront and honest about the costs and who stand behind their work.

Adoption Agencies in Spokane

Here is a non-exhaustive list of adoption agencies in Spokane that you could consider working with:

Private Adoption Agencies in Spokane

Spokane Adoption and Foster Care Agencies

International Adoption Agencies in Spokane

Next Steps

Once you know the type of adoption that will be best for you, you should begin researching specific agencies that complete your type of adoption. When you feel ready, contact several agencies to get a personal feel for them and to ask questions. When you’re on the phone with the right adoption agency, you’ll know.

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