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The adoption process is confusing to most people. Despite our society’s continually progressing understanding and acceptance of adoption, the general public still doesn’t know exactly how it happens. That’s why, if you are considering adoption in Erie, PA, it’s normal to have a lot of questions.

Is adoption right for me? How does it work? How will my friends and family respond?

Whether you are a hopeful parent who dreams of growing your family through adoption, or a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and looking for options, these are common questions. As is this: Who can help me?

Adoption agencies in Erie exist to serve families, prospective birth mothers and children in the adoption process. This journey can be beautiful, but it can also be difficult. It takes an experienced professional to navigate the ups and downs of the process. From all the questions you may have about adoption, understanding adoption agencies in Erie is an important place to begin.

This guide is going to get you started. We’ll cover what adoption agencies in Erie do, the types of agency you could pick and some Erie adoption agencies to consider.

What are Erie Adoption Agencies?

Adoption agencies are regulated organizations that provide the services required to complete an adoption. A legitimate adoption agency in Erie will be licensed, which ensures that the agency is up-to-standard in its operations. Some agencies, depending on whether they are local adoption agencies or national adoption agencies, will be licensed in more than one state. Adoption agencies in Erie that are licensed in more than one state are held to the highest standards of professionalism in adoption.

The services that adoption agencies in Erie provide will vary slightly. Some agencies are “full-service,” meaning they can meet all of your needs throughout the adoption process. Other, smaller agencies may be more specialized in certain areas of the process. Generally speaking, adoption agencies in Erie play a vital role in navigating the legal process of adoption, preparing families and prospective birth mothers through counseling and guidance, finding adoption opportunities, facilitating communication and more.

Adoption agencies in Erie are of paramount importance to a smooth adoption process. Attempting to go through the process without trusted, professional guidance can increase the risk of an adoption disruption or failed placement. With a licensed, regulated adoption agency in Erie, you can trust that the necessary steps are being taken to complete an adoption in an ethical, legal way.

Types of Adoption Agencies in Erie

There’s more than one type of adoption agency in Erie because there’s more than one type of adoption. If you are an expectant mother considering adoption for your baby, you will need to work with a private domestic adoption agency in Erie. They will be best equipped to serve you and meet your needs during the adoption process.

For adoptive families, there are three types of adoption agencies in Erie to choose from:

Private Domestic Adoption Agencies

If your hope is to adopt an infant from somewhere in the U.S., you will most likely work with a domestic adoption agency in Erie. Domestic infant adoption involves, as previously mentioned, an expectant mother choosing adoption for her baby. The expectant mother will pick an adoptive family after looking over several adoptive family profiles. Both prospective birth mother and family will work with the agency to complete the adoption.

Erie Adoption and Foster Care Agencies

Foster care adoption is another way to adopt a child from the U.S., but it looks very different from domestic infant adoption. With the help of a foster care agency or your local department of children’s services, you will go through the process of becoming foster parents. Once you are ready for a placement, your social worker will attempt to place you with a child who is available for adoption. After a period of time together, you will be able to attempt to finalize the adoption. Foster care adoption is a much-needed form of adoption in America — there are thousands of children in the system who need to be adopted.

International Adoption Agencies in Erie

International adoption is another potential route for your family. Each year, thousands choose to adopt a child from a different country. This process is complex, as it involves the laws of two separate nations as well as cultural differences, travel logistics and immigration requirements. International adoption agencies in Erie help families sort through the web of bureaucracy to reach the moment they have been waiting for: being placed with their child.

Adoption Agencies in Erie

Now you know what adoption agencies are, what they do and what types exist. It’s time for the most important question: Which adoption agency in Erie is right for you? The answer will be different for everyone, because it depends on your unique circumstances.

First: What type of adoption is going to be the best for your family? Consider what you feel prepared to handle and the different processes involved. Then, based on the conclusion you reach, you can begin looking at adoption agencies in Erie that work with your type of adoption.

Here, separated by type, are some Erie adoption agencies to consider:

Domestic Adoption Agencies in Erie

Erie Adoption and Foster Care Agencies

International Adoption Agencies in Erie

Adoption Agencies in Erie for Prospective Birth Mothers

Choosing adoption for your baby is difficult. This is a brave choice, and we know it comes from a place of love. When you do step into the adoption process, you want to be sure that the agency you choose has your back. Some of the best adoption agencies in Erie offer levels of support that truly take care of expectant mothers during the adoption process. This means providing services like:

Unfortunately, not all adoption agencies in Erie are able to provide all of these services. It’s important to ask about each of these things when deciding which adoption agency to work with. A couple agencies to consider for prospective birth mothers are:

Taking Your Next Steps Toward Adoption

Now that you have all of this information, you are probably wondering what to do next. If you’re still deciding on adoption, or the type of adoption, then take your time. It’s important to be 100 percent committed before you begin the process.

After that, you can begin contacting some of the adoption agencies listed above to find the one that is best for you.

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