Types of Adoption Agencies

Adoption Agencies for Pregnant Women

Finding an Adoption Agency to “Give Up” A Child

Creating the perfect adoption plan for your baby starts with finding the right adoption agency. But, this can feel like a daunting decision. After all, there are plenty of adoption agencies that are willing and ready to help prospective birth mothers just like you. So, how do you decide? Read on to learn how to narrow down your options for adoption agencies for birth mothers.

What are Adoption Agencies for Pregnant Women?

Adoption agencies for a birth mother can be any private domestic adoption agency. There are some, like national adoption agencies, that provide a full range of services to women across the country. They’re often considered to be some of the best agencies for information about options for unplanned pregnancy and adoption services.

However, you can also find adoption agencies to put a baby up for adoption locally. If you feel more comfortable with an agency that’s located in your area, you can also choose to work with a local adoption agency. They provide many of the same services that national adoption agencies do, and can be a good option for prospective birth mothers who want to see their social worker face‐to‐face more often.

What Kind of Services do Pregnant Adoption Agencies Provide?

If you are wondering how to “give your child up” for adoption, agencies can walk you through the process and provide all the services you need along the way, including:

  • Counseling and educational resources: Of course, you likely already have the support of your family, friends, and the birth father (if he is involved). But, the value of a trained adoption specialist should not be overlooked. Good places to put a child up for adoption will provide you with your own dedicated social worker or adoption specialist. Your adoption specialist will be guiding you from day one, and she will always be available when you need her. Even after the adoption is finalized, your dedicated adoption specialist will still be a friend that you can rely on at any time.
  • Adoption and hospital planning: You will be in charge of every aspect of your adoption plan from the very beginning. This includes finding the perfect adoptive family, picking the right hospital, and choosing how much post‐placement contact that you’re comfortable with. If you’re confused at any point, don’t worry. Your adoption specialist will help you every step of the way.
  • Legal services: All adoptions require the legal services of a trusted adoption attorney. If you are planning to work with an adoption agency, you will not need to go out of your way to look for an attorney, as they will connect you to a trusted representative.
  • And more

Depending on the type of agency that you decide to work with, some pregnant adoption agencies will be able to provide more services than others.

How to Find the Right Adoption Agencies for Pregnant Women

When you are considering “giving a baby up for adoption,” agencies can provide all of the services and support you need to make your adoption decision and create a plan for yourself and your baby. But even before you start contacting adoption agencies to “give up” a child, it’s important to understand one thing: you are not “giving up” by choosing or considering adoption. It takes incredible strength and love for your child to consider adoption and to reach out to an adoption professional.

Instead of “giving your child up for adoption,” agencies and other adoption professionals prefer to use positive adoption language like “choosing adoption,” “making an adoption plan” and “placing a baby for adoption.” As you’re looking for places to “give your baby up” for adoption, seek out agencies that always make you feel respected and use language you’re comfortable with.

As you continue to look for good places to “give up a baby” for adoption, here are some other things that you should keep in mind:

  • Does my adoption specialist listen to me?
  • Do I feel like my adoption specialist is pressuring me in any way?
  • Are they available 24/7 to respond to my needs?
  • Do I have full control over my adoption plan?
  • What kind of financial assistance will the agency provide throughout my pregnancy?

How Much Do Adoption Agencies for Pregnant Women Cost?

If you’re a pregnant woman considering adoption, you will never have to pay a single cent to place your baby for adoption. In many ways, an unexpected pregnancy can quickly become a financial burden, but adoption agencies for birth mothers can help.

There are places available to “give a baby up” for adoption that offers something known as your “living expenses.” This financial assistance is intended to help you throughout the adoption. Typically, living expenses help cover:

  • Rent and utilities
  • Groceries
  • Transportation

In addition, your adoption agency will likely help cover your medical and legal expenses free of charge. The amount that you will receive is based on both where you like and how much the court approves of. Your adoption specialist will work as quickly as possible to get you the amount you need after you’ve filled out your living expense form.

What Agencies Find Parents to Adopt My Baby?

All adoption agencies to put a baby up for adoption can help you find the right adoptive family. Many of them have a dedicated screening service to help you find reliable adoptive families that can help you meet your goals for adoption.

You will always be in charge of finding the right family for your baby. After you’ve told your adoption specialist more about what you’re looking for in an adoptive family, they will send you adoptive family profiles that meet your needs, and you can choose the parents you feel are perfect for your baby.

I Want to Place My Child for Adoption. What are Some Adoption Agency Websites?

Finding the perfect adoption agency that you feel comfortable with will take some time. To help you get started, here are some great adoption agency websites that you can contact:

If you’re hoping to find an adoption agency that you can visit frequently, here is a compiled list of local adoption agencies to “give up” a child.

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