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Your Guide to Adoption Agencies in Massachusetts

When it comes to finding an adoption agency in Massachusetts, it can be more difficult than you initially expect. But, all hope isn’t lost. If you’re looking for a place to get started, whether as a prospective adoptive parent or a woman considering adoption, then keep reading to learn more.

What are Massachusetts Adoption Agencies?

Adoption agencies are the foundation of the complex, emotional process we call adoption. When you work with one of the licensed, child-placing centers in Massachusetts, you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands.

Massachusetts adoption agencies provide a wide variety of services that are required in every placement. This can be something as easily accessible as 24/7 counseling to something as challenging as completing an adoption across state lines with the Interstate Placement Compact of Children.

Whatever you need, Massachusetts adoption agencies can truly do it all.

How to Pick the Right Type of Agency for You

Because not all adoption agencies in Massachusetts offer similar services, a great place to start is by thinking about the kind of adoption that you want to pursue. Does building your family through adoption mean adopting an infant, or are you thinking of opening your home to an older child in foster care? Maybe you’ve always considered an international adoption and are already thinking of possible countries to choose from. There is no “right” answer — just what’s right for you.

Depending on your decision, you’ll work with one of three types of Massachusetts adoption agencies below.

Private Adoption Agencies in Massachusetts

Are you thinking about the joys of adopting an infant? If so, then one of the domestic adoption agencies in Massachusetts will be the right choice for you. In this type of adoption, a prospective birth mother will voluntarily place her baby with a family of her choosing.  When you’re an adoptive parent, the agency you choose will provide all of the services you need for the adoption process, including matching with a prospective birth mother and working with an adoption attorney to legally complete your adoption.  Both prospective adoptive parents and pregnant women considering adoption can work with either a national adoption agency or a local adoption agency in Massachusetts.

Find some options for both below:

National Adoption Agencies:
Local Adoption Agencies:

Foster Adoption Agencies in Massachusetts

Adopting a child from foster care can be a wonderful and amazing experience. But it can also come with its own set of challenges along the way.

To learn more about life as a foster parent in Massachusetts, contact one of these Massachusetts adoption and foster care agencies:

International Adoption Agencies in Massachusetts

If adopting from another country sounds like exactly that you want out of an adoption, then an international adoption agency in Massachusetts is just what you’re looking for. This professional can go over everything you need to know for an international adoption, such as international home study and visa requirements, and what to expect when you arrive at your child’s home country.

Here are a few local options to consider:

Massachusetts Adoption Agencies that Offer Home Studies

While you’re looking for a Massachusetts adoption agency, you’ll also need to find one that offers home study services for adoptive parents. Without going through this evaluation, you’ll be unable to move forward in the adoption process.  This is one of the many reasons why we recommend contacting a Massachusetts home study professional like the ones below as soon as possible:

Massachusetts Adoption Agencies for Prospective Birth Mothers

When you’re an expectant mother considering adoption, finding the right adoption agency in Massachusetts should be your first priority. Contacting an adoption specialist doesn’t mean that you’re obligated to make your own adoption plan right away, but it will give you a better idea of what services are available. Some of the services you are entitled to include financial assistance during your pregnancy and 24-hour counseling and educational resources.

Below are the best adoption agencies in Massachusetts that have plenty of services for their prospective birth mothers:

Find an Adoption Agency Today

If you find yourself overwhelmed at all of your options for a Massachusetts adoption agency, remember that it’s okay to take a break from researching. This is a big decision that’s going to require a lot of thoughtful consideration. It’s important that you’re honest with yourself throughout the entire process about what you’re looking for — and to not settle for anything less.

Before you get started, we recommend contacting any of the agencies listed above for free information on your options for adopting a child or placing an infant for adoption.

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