What Can I Choose About the Adoptive Family?

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As a prospective birth mother considering adoption, one of the questions you may have about placing your child up for adoption is whether or not you get to choose the adoptive parents. Not only can you choose the family, but you have the ability to be very specific with regards to what type of family you choose, including:

  • Gay couples looking to adopt
  • Single parents hoping to adopt
  • Married couples interested in adoption
  • And more

You Control Your Adoption

As you begin your adoption journey, there are a number of steps you’ll take. With so many decisions to make and a team of professionals helping you through those decisions, you will have total control over the adoption.

One of the most important decisions you will make in your adoption plan is picking the perfect adoptive family. The process of choosing a family can be very enjoyable. Depending on which adoption agency you choose, you will have access to a large database filled with hopeful adoptive families from all walks of life. Videos, text and photo profiles, and the opportunity to meet these families either on the phone, through video chat or in person mean you have the ability to identify the perfect family and environment for your child.

There are many different types of adoptive families leading various lifestyles. Some birth parents may feel as though a certain type of family will be the best fit for their baby. Whether it be sexual orientation, financial stability, religious beliefs or the desire to work with a single adoptive parent, you will have the chance to decide exactly what you’re looking for in adoptive parents.

Why Your Adoption Agency Matters

Your access and pool of hopeful adoptive families depends on your adoption agency. A full-service national agency will give you a wide range of families from across the country, providing more specific types of individuals and lifestyles for your child. A local adoption agency may focus more specifically on your immediate area and community. If finding a very specific type of family or giving your child the chance to leave your community for a better opportunity of a living environment is important to you, a national agency may fit your needs.

Here are some adoption agencies that can help you find different types of adoptive families:

In the meantime, learn more about finding the perfect type of family for your baby below — whether that’s a gay couple wanting to adopt, a married couple looking to adopt a child after struggling with infertility, a single parent or another type of family.

How Can I Find a Gay Couple to Adopt My Baby?

In recent years, the number of gay couples looking to adopt is rising. According to UCLA, as of June 2018, 21 percent of same-sex households are raising an adopted child. The stigma associated with members of the LGBTQ+ community raising children has changed dramatically, and many happy same-sex couples wish to raise a family of their own.

According to the same 2018 UCLA study, same-sex couples are seven times more likely to raise a child through adoption or foster care than a different-sex couple. This means that not only are there many same-sex couples and LGBT individuals looking to adopt, but you could be the answer to one of these hopeful parents’ prayers and dreams. Placing your baby up for adoption to a gay couple can be an amazing way to provide your child with a loving, two-parent home that has been waiting and preparing for a child.

Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community and wish for another gay individual or couple to raise your child, or you simply want to give a gay couple the opportunity to raise a child through adoption, there are countless awaiting adoption opportunities available.

Are There Opposite-Sex Couples Looking to Adopt?

Opposite-sex couples explore adoption for a variety of reasons. Whether they experience fertility issues or simply want to grow a family through adoption, the database of available opposite-sex couples hoping to adopt is extensive.

You can start viewing available adoptive parents here.

Are Married Couples Looking for Children to Adopt?

Married couples hoping to adopt is another level of specificity a birth mother has during their search for a hopeful adoptive family. It may be of importance for the adoptive family to be married, either as a different-sex couple or as married members of the LGBTQ+ community. The ceremony and unity of marriage can mean a lot to a prospective birth parent looking for a stable, two-parent home for their child. Having these standards for your prospective adoptive family is completely reasonable. Your adoption agency can provide you with hundreds of profiles of waiting married adoptive families.

In fact, many adoption agencies even have marriage requirements for their adoptive families to ensure the couples they work with have a solid relationship before adopting. That’s not to say there are no couples looking to adopt without being married, or that these unmarried couples don’t make great parents. Whatever type of relationship you are looking for in the adoptive parents, your adoption agency can help you find them.

How Can I Find Single Parents Looking to Adopt?

Eligible and desirable adoptive parents aren’t always married or in a relationship. There are plenty of single parents waiting to adopt a child. Their relationship status doesn’t take away from the loving home and environment they can provide. In fact, finding a single parent to adopt your baby can be a way to give your child an incredible role model and fulfill that parent’s dreams of starting a family they wouldn’t be able to have on their own.

Where Can I Find Adoption Profiles with Older Children?

For some birth parents, the importance of siblings means finding a family with children. Growing up in an environment with other children comes with many benefits, and when viewing profiles of families with a child or children, you have the opportunity to get a better feel for their parenting style.

If you would like to find adoption profiles with older siblings for your baby, you can begin searching for the perfect family here.

Find Your Baby’s Adoptive Family

As you begin your adoption and think about which type of family you wish to adopt your child, remember you are in control of that decision. There are many different types of families and individuals waiting for the opportunity to bring a child into their home. As the prospective birth parent, you can be as specific as you want regarding the type of person, lifestyle and home environment you want for your child. Your adoption professional will take you through this process and help you search for the perfect family by viewing profiles.

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