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Pennsylvania is a state that knows hard work pays off. The best things in life aren’t always easy, and the things worth doing often come with a challenge. This is part of what makes Pennsylvania a great state for adoption. The adoption journey isn’t always easy; in fact, it rarely is. But it is always worth it.

You may be a hopeful parent considering adoption in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Reading or another of Pennsylvania’s many amazing communities. Or, you might be a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, wondering what to do. In either case, adoption agencies in Pennsylvania are there to help you.

Like we said, adoption isn’t always easy. The process can be long. It’s very personal and emotional. Many folks who have worked with adoption agencies in Pennsylvania look back on it as the best choice they ever made. Finding the best adoption agencies in Pennsylvania is the first step toward turning this idea into a reality.

This guide will put you on the right track and give you the information you need.

Why Do I Need an Adoption Agency in Pennsylvania?

Adoption agencies in Pennsylvania are a vital component to the adoption process. But, you might be wondering if you really need that assistance of an agency. You’ve probably heard of some of the costs associated with adoption as an adoptive family, and you may have even seen some organizations claiming to be much cheaper options. The truth is that adoption agencies offer the most trustworthy, informed, responsible and supportive services during the adoption process.

Adoption agencies in Pennsylvania are licensed, regulated organizations. Their work is reviewed by objective third-parties, which means you can trust that everything happening is both legal and ethical. Some types of organizations have less oversight, and although their fees may be less, the risk of a failed adoption is higher.

The services provided by adoption agencies in Pennsylvania make the whole process smoother for families and prospective birth mothers. An agency will make sure the adoption process is going forward according to state laws, find adoption opportunities for prospective birth mothers and adoptive parents, counsel both parties through the emotional ups and downs and facilitate communication in open adoptions.

Pennsylvania adoption agencies make adoption happen, and there are several types of agencies you could work with.

Types of Adoption Agencies in Pennsylvania

When a family chooses adoption, they need to decide which type of adoption will be the right fit. This is one of the first and most important decisions of the whole process. Based on each family’s unique circumstances, they will be better suited to one of the three types of adoption. And, depending on which type that is, it will help determine the Pennsylvania adoption agency you work with.

There are three different types of adoption agencies in Pennsylvania that you could work with:

Private Domestic Adoption Agencies in Pennsylvania

Private domestic adoption happens when a prospective birth mother chooses adoption for her baby. This birth mother will work with an adoption agency, create an adoption plan and choose the adoptive family she thinks will be best. On the other side of the adoption, an adoptive family will work with a domestic adoption agency in Pennsylvania to prepare an adoption profile and become an active waiting family. Through the agency, an adoption opportunity is created when a birth mother picks an adoptive family. Oftentimes, adoptive families are placed with the child within a couple days of the birth. If your dream of adoption looks like adopting an infant in the U.S., then this is the type of adoption for you.

Pennsylvania Adoption and Foster Care Agencies

There are hundreds of thousands of children in foster care across America. In Pennsylvania, there are more than 13,000 children in foster care. Many of these children maintain the goal of being reunified with their biological family. However, many other children in foster care need to be adopted. As hopeful parents, you could consider foster care adoption and work with a Pennsylvania adoption and foster care agency.

Foster care adoption is appealing to many parents because the cost is lower than other types of adoption. However, this process comes with unique challenges. The system can be a bit unpredictable. It is more likely that you will be placed with an older child, which some parents don’t feel equipped to handle. Additionally, the chances of an adoption disruption are slightly higher. As we said, Pennsylvanians know that things worth doing take hard work, and it’s up for you to decide if these challenges are worth pursuing foster care adoption. With the right family, it can be a beautiful process.

International Adoption Agencies in Pennsylvania

There are other families who choose a third path: international adoption. Thousands of American families look overseas for adoption each year. This process can be even more complicated than a domestic adoption. Along with following state and federal laws here in the U.S., the laws and customs of another nation must also be taken into account. Then, there’s the logistics of travel, lodging and immigration. In order to complete an international adoption successfully, you need to find good international adoption agencies in Pennsylvania.

Adoption Agencies in Pennsylvania

Now that you know about the types of adoption and adoption agencies, you need to know the agencies you can work with. Many of these agencies are headquartered in Pennsylvania. However, you don’t have to be restricted by state lines. In the case of international adoption and domestic infant adoption, you can work with a national adoption agency that is based somewhere else in the U.S. National agencies can offer larger staffs, shorter wait times and greater financial security.  It’s up to you whether a local or national agency is best.

Here, organized by type, are some of the adoption agencies in Pennsylvania that you could think about working with:

Private Domestic Adoption Agencies in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Adoption and Foster Care Agencies

International Adoption Agencies in Pennsylvania

Adoption Agencies in Pennsylvania for Prospective Birth Mothers

As an expectant mother choosing adoption, you need and deserve an immense amount of support during the process. You are doing something brave. The response from an adoption agency should make you feel protected, respected and valued. The best adoption agencies in Pennsylvania will offer prospective birth mothers things like:

A few adoption agencies in Pennsylvania that support prospective birth mothers in these ways are:

What’s Next?

Now that you know all about adoption agencies in Pennsylvania, what can you do next?

If you’re still deciding whether or not adoption is right for you, take your time. This is a big decision, and there are plenty of online resources that can help you make this choice. Once you are sure about adoption, you can begin by contacting some of these agencies. Ask a lot of questions, and talk to more than one Pennsylvania adoption agency. Once you feel like you have the right one, you can officially begin the adoption process.

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