Placing a Baby for Adoption

What Does Putting a Baby Up for Adoption Cost? [Nothing. Here’s Why]

Why it’s Always Free to Place a Baby for Adoption

Putting a baby up for adoption costs you nothing as a prospective birth parent. Because you are making a loving and heroic decision by putting your child first, adoption is always completely free to you.

  • Adoption agencies offer free, 24/7 counseling and adoption coordination services
  • In addition to free adoption services, an agency can help you pay for pregnancy-related living expenses, like rent, utilities, groceries and more
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Under no circumstances does it cost money to put a child up for adoption. You are doing an amazing thing for your baby by considering this for them, which is why it is free to “give a baby up” for adoption — no matter what.

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What Does it Cost to Put Your Baby Up for Adoption? [Answer: Absolutely Nothing]

Janelle and her husband were initially excited to be expecting twins. But, a few months into Janelle’s pregnancy, reality started to sink in. The couple was already struggling to make ends meet, and they knew that parenting two new babies would make things even harder.

“Four months rolls around, and my husband and I were like, ‘Alright, this is real,’” Janelle said. “We were having trouble paying our bills and our rent and affording food, and that was when we made the decision to look into adoption.”

For many struggling parents in Janelle’s situation, an unplanned pregnancy just means more bills, more stress, and more uncertainty about the future. It brings up a million new questions and concerns — one of them being, Does putting a child up for adoption cost money? Do you pay to put your child up for adoption?

The answer: No, it does not cost money to “give children up” for adoption. In fact, adoption is the only unplanned pregnancy option that won’t cost you a dime. All of the services you need for adoption will be free for you, including:

  • Counseling, support and education services, so you can feel confident that you’re making the best choices for your child
  • Prenatal care and hospital bills, so you can take care of yourself and your unborn baby throughout your pregnancy
  • Legal fees, so you can work with an experienced attorney who has your best interest at heart
  • Help finding the perfect adoptive parents, who will provide a lifetime of love and opportunity for your child [Click here to start looking for a family to adopt your baby for free]
  • And much more

This comes as a relief to many women. While this is still a difficult choice to make — it takes incredible strength and selflessness to choose adoption for your baby — you’ll never have to worry about how much it costs to put a child up for adoption.

After researching their options, Janelle knew that putting a child up for adoption cost much less than parenting. While adoption is 100% free, parenting a child costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Like any loving and courageous birth parent, Janelle wanted her babies to have the best chance at a life filled with every opportunity — something the couple wasn’t sure they could afford to provide at the time.

Once they came to the difficult but selfless realization that they could not provide everything they wanted their twins to have, adoption became the obvious choice for them.

“It was super tough at first, but I knew it was what needed to happen, that we weren’t in the right place and it wasn’t the right environment to bring two babies into,” Janelle said. “[There was] no hesitation going into the adoption process… I already loved the babies, even though they weren’t born, and I knew that’s what they needed.

Adoption is a decision made out of deep, unconditional love. Every parent should have the right to do what’s best for their child. For birth parents like Janelle and her husband, adoption might not be an option if it came with a hefty price tag. That’s why putting a baby up for adoption is free — so it is always an option, no matter your circumstances.

So, does putting a baby up for adoption cost money? No. If you are considering adoption for your baby, you never have to worry about being able to afford the process — and you may even be eligible for financial assistance from your adoption agency.

How Much is Putting a Baby Up for Adoption Going to Cost Me in Pregnancy Expenses?

Is “giving a baby up” for adoption free? Yes. But how much does “giving a baby up” for adoption cost in maternity clothes, prenatal vitamins, time spent away from work and the other expenses of pregnancy and delivery?

Not a cent.

When you work with a qualified adoption agency, you can get financial assistance to help with your pregnancy-related living expenses, including things like:

  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Utilities
  • Groceries
  • Transportation
  • Maternity clothes
  • Cell phone service
  • And more

The amount and types of living expenses that can be covered for you will vary depending on your state’s laws and your individual situation. But, for many women, this financial support can take some of the pressure off of what is already a stressful and emotional time.

Birth mother Colleen was focused on her career when she found herself unexpectedly pregnant. But even with a steady job that she loved, she wasn’t fully prepared for how much “giving a baby up” for adoption cost in pregnancy expenses. That’s where adoption financial assistance comes in.

“I feel that [my adoption agency] definitely supported me along the way with living expenses and with groceries and toiletries, things like that — things that I didn’t even think were going to be an issue along the way,” Colleen said. “It was definitely wonderful to have that financial support making sure that I could still take the very best care of my baby and not have to worry about working so much or being able to pay my rent or buy groceries at the store.

“I feel like that was a huge, huge assistance and something that definitely helped me along the way.”

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Why is “Giving a Baby Up” for Adoption Free for Prospective Birth Parents?

You deserve to feel as comfortable as possible during your adoption process. This is a hard thing to do, and you’re doing it because you love your baby. You want to give them the world — even if that means placing them with another family who can provide stability and opportunities that you currently can’t.

That makes you a hero.

“I had two options: I’d either keep this child and be the best mother I could be to him, or I would adopt him out to a family who could offer him everything I knew I would not be able to,” birth mother Cori said.

As she contemplated what to do, Cori continued to wait tables throughout her pregnancy, scraping together tips and “barely getting by.”

“The bills kept adding up, and the mere thought of taking on a another child was so daunting and overwhelming that it kept me awake and pacing the floors on a nightly basis,” she said.

It is common for women facing an unplanned pregnancy to be in a tough spot financially. But there should never be a financial barrier to doing the best thing for your child. That’s why it’s completely free to choose adoption for your baby.

When Cori finally took the brave step of contacting an adoption agency, she was able to find adoptive parents for free — and that’s when everything changed. She knew that Jeff and Laura would be able to provide everything she wanted for her son, while she continued to provide for her older child and work toward a better future for her family.

Now, she is able to work toward her dreams while knowing her son is safe and loved in a family that can provide for him — an opportunity she likely wouldn’t have had if she had chosen to take on parenting another child.

“I still wait tables; however, I was awarded a scholarship from [my adoption agency], American Adoptions, and I’m currently taking courses from home,” Cori said. “I hope to someday run a business from home as a wedding consultant and event planner.”

Stories like Cori’s show that not only is adoption free for pregnant mothers — it is an option that can give your child opportunities you may not be able to provide for them, while also giving you the opportunity to work toward a brighter and more secure future for yourself.

That’s why it doesn’t cost to do adoption for your baby. Adoption is supposed to be a choice that creates a better future for you and your child — not an added financial burden for you to worry about.

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