Placing a Baby for Adoption

Pregnant and Considering Adoption: A Month-by-Month Pregnancy Guide

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, you have options.

  • These adoption options will vary depending on how far along you are
  • The adoption professional you choose should guide you through every step of your unplanned pregnancy
  • Knowing what’s going on in your body throughout your pregnancy can help you prepare for the journey ahead

This month-by- month guide will help you fully prepare for the changes your body will go through. This way, you can feel empowered to make the best decision for your situation.

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Unplanned Pregnancy by Month

Regardless of where you’re at in your unplanned pregnancy, knowing about your pregnancy adoption options can help you decide what’s best for you and your unique situation. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine what steps to take right now, but this month-by-month guide can help you narrow down some options.

Considering Adoption at 1 or 2 Months Pregnant

You have a few different options during the first couple of months of your pregnancy.

During the first month, you can use morning-after pills or emergency contraceptives if your regular birth control fails. This option works best when you take it as soon as possible to prevent unplanned pregnancy, as it is ineffective if you’re already pregnant.

For your second month of pregnancy, you can choose:

  • Adoption: If you choose this path, you’re in the driver’s seat throughout the process. You get to decide what the perfect family looks like for your child, what you want your hospital stay to look like, how much contact you’re open to after the adoption and more. When you’re pregnant and considering adoption, it’s entirely free for you and you’re also entitled to financial assistance should you pursue adoption.
  • Parenting: After finding out about your unplanned pregnancy, parenting may not be your first choice. Before committing to this option, you should assess your situation to make sure it’s the right decision for you. For example, what does your living situation look like? What about your finances? Ask yourself if you’re truly ready to be a parent.
  • Abortion: One of your earliest unplanned pregnancy choices is abortion. Some people feel like this is their only option once they find out about their pregnancy. If you’re considering abortion, then you need to speak with your doctor as soon as possible so they can tell you what your options are. The options to terminate will vary depending on the laws of the state you live in.

Considering Adoption at 3 Months Pregnant

At this stage, you’re at the beginning of your second trimester. Pregnancy is difficult, and you’re probably ready for those early symptoms to go away. But, you have several things to consider when it comes to your unplanned pregnancy options.

As your pregnancy progresses, you can look at some pregnancy adoption options to learn more about adoption and what it looks like during this stage. You can also choose to parent or terminate your pregnancy. But, because you’re farther along, abortion options start to get slimmer depending on where you live. Be sure to contact your doctor if you’re considering an abortion at this stage of your pregnancy.

Considering Adoption at 4 Months Pregnant

After four months of pregnancy, you may feel forced to carry your child to term. But, don’t worry. You still have options based on what’s best for your unique situation. Although your window might be smaller for some of your unplanned pregnancy options, you’re not in as much of a rush as you think.

Your pregnant adoption options never change despite the stage you’re at in your pregnancy. If you choose adoption, then it would be a good idea to start thinking about making an adoption plan with an agency. Starting early will give you more time to choose the perfect family for your baby.

If you feel adoption isn’t best for your situation, then you can also parent or consider abortion. It’s important to remember that even though abortion is an option, it all depends on the state you live in and its abortion laws.

Considering Adoption at 5 Months Pregnant

At five months pregnant, you’ve still got some time to decide which option is best for you. During this stage, most people wonder about the adoption options for pregnant women and what they consist of.

Adoption can be chosen at any stage of your pregnancy, including month five.

If you’re pregnant and considering adoption, then you can start checking out some waiting families and filtering them based on your preferences. You can also contact agencies and ask about the financial assistance they offer prospective birth parents.

This can help with medical bills, living expenses, and other pregnancy-related costs. Some other options during month five of your pregnancy include parenting and abortion. But, at this stage of your pregnancy, you’ll have only a small window to consider abortion. If you’re considering abortion, then it’s important to move quickly and speak with your doctor as soon as possible.

Considering Adoption at 6 or 7 Months Pregnant

At this point in your pregnancy, your options will look about the same during months six and seven. Although most women consider their unplanned pregnancy options early on, some make their decision during this stage.

If you’re pregnant and considering adoption, then it’s a good time to contact an agency and start creating your adoption plan.

Remember, no matter which stage you’re at in your pregnancy, adoption is always an option.

Another option you’ll have at this point is parenting. If you find that parenting is the best option for you, then now is the time to start prepping for parenthood and getting everything baby-proofed.

Considering Adoption at 8 or 9 Months Pregnant

As you get closer to your due date, your two main options are adoption and parenting. If you’re pregnant considering adoption, then reach out to an adoption professional to learn about the steps of choosing adoption late into your pregnancy.

Keep in mind that adoption is always an option, no matter how far along you are. It’s never too late to contact an agency to get started now.

The second option you have is parenting, and at this point in your pregnancy, you should have just about everything you need to bring your baby home.  If you haven’t,  start packing what you need in your hospital bag and ensure you don’t forget anything.

Learn More about Your Unplanned Pregnancy Options

Now that you know your options, you’ve have some important decisions to make. Of course, there’s a lot you need to prepare for no matter what you choose, but this guide should help give you an idea of what to expect throughout your pregnancy. Remember, it’s up to you to decide which option is best for your situation. There is no right or wrong answer.

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