Religion, Unplanned Pregnancy & Adoption [Guide]

These are all difficult questions surrounding your potential adoption when factoring in religious views, but it’s important to remember that no matter what, you’re not “giving up” your child. This is your guide to making an adoption plan that aligns with your beliefs.

Families Wanting to Adopt Black Children, Hispanic Children & More

You are considering adoption because you want the best for your baby – and that means finding a family who will honor his or her racial and cultural background and meet his or her needs. Here’s how you can find parents waiting to adopt Black, biracial, Asian, Indigenous children and more.

Find a Family by Type

Whether you’re looking for gay couples looking to adopt, single parents hoping to adopt, married couples interested in adoption, a big family with other children or first-time parents, you can find adoptive parents of every type. Here’s how.

Closed Adoption Agencies

With open adoption’s rise in popularity, closed adoptions continue to fall out of fashion. But, that’s not to say that closed adoptions have completely disappeared from the adoption world.   If you’re curious about a closed adoption, either as a hopeful adoptive family or a prospective birth mother, here is a great place to start to …

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