Finding Adoptive Parents

How to Find Someone to Adopt My Baby

Putting your baby up for adoption is one of the bravest decisions you’ll ever make. One of the most exciting steps is finding your baby’s forever family. Hundreds of families are waiting to welcome your baby into their home, but is it possible to find someone to adopt my baby without an agency?

In this guide, we’ll explain some key differences between finding an adoptive family with an agency vs. without an agency. Plus, discover some of the benefits of working with an adoption agency.

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Find Someone to Adopt my Baby with an Adoption Agency

Working with an adoption agency is the best way to ensure you’re fully taken care of throughout your adoption journey. The adoption process is complicated, but the expertise of an adoption professional guarantees your adoption experience is the best it can be. Some of the best adoption agencies to work with are national adoption agencies.

These agencies have everything you need to go through the adoption process with complete confidence. When birth parents think, “I need someone to adopt my baby,” they choose to work with a national adoption agency because they:

  • Provide adoption financial assistance to cover all adoption- and pregnancy-related expenses
  • Ensure a smooth and stress-free adoption process, making sure you can focus on having a safe and healthy pregnancy
  • Help you create a personalized adoption plan, letting you decide exactly how you want your adoption journey to go
  • Have more adoptive families to choose from, giving you the best shot at finding the perfect family
  • Make sure you’re completely supported with a trained staff in social work

These benefits should give you an idea of why birth parents prefer finding a family through an adoption agency. You’ll have the services you need to feel safe, secure and confident during the adoption process. Here are some reputable adoption agencies that can help you begin the process:

Find Someone to Adopt My Baby without an Agency

As you’re thinking of how to find someone to adopt my baby on your own, this is called independent adoption. Independent adoption is when you decide to pursue adoption without the help and support of an agency. As the prospective birth mother, you’ll have to find an adoptive family.

Through independent adoption, you’ll find, choose and build a relationship with the adoptive family without help from an adoption professional. If you feel like finding a family without an agency is the best choice for you, then here are some pros and cons to consider:

Pros of Independent Adoption

  • You’re able to build a direct relationship. Without an agency’s help, you’ll be able to work closely with the adoptive family you choose. This means you can form a bond without any mediating party. But, this can also be accomplished through agency adoption. You’ll be able to maintain a relationship with the adoptive family through open adoption.

Cons of Independent Adoption

  • The process can be much riskier. Adoption agencies are licensed and regulated through local adoption laws and create an added layer of protection for you. National adoption agencies are the best to work with because of their size and experience, making it much safer than independent adoption.
  • You won’t receive all necessary adoption services. One of the benefits of working with an adoption agency is comprehensive services. You’ll have free, 24/7 emotional support when you need it most. They’ll help you create an adoption plan to make the adoption process as easy as possible. Working with an adoption agency ensures you can focus on having a safe, healthy pregnancy.
  • It lacks support. When you’re looking for someone who wants to adopt my baby, you want to be fully supported throughout your adoption journey. This is an emotional journey, and an agency will be there for you no matter what.

These pros and cons should help you decide if independent adoption is best for you. Remember, working with an adoption agency will always be free for you as the prospective birth parent. If you think that working with an adoption agency sounds like a better option, then we’ve gathered everything you need to know about working with an adoption agency.

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