When Can You “Give a Child Up” for Adoption?

What Can I Do if I’m 4 Weeks Pregnant and Don’t Want the Baby?

Your Unplanned Pregnancy Options

If you’ve recently discovered that you’re four weeks pregnant and feeling overwhelmed, then you’re not alone. There are many reasons why you might not feel ready to parent, and, as the birth mother, you have the power to make a decision that will help you move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

Although this may be a difficult time for you, there are many options out there that can help you make the best decision for your future. With our help, you’ll be well-informed to go through your unplanned pregnancy with total confidence.

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What Are My Options When I’m 4 Weeks Pregnant?

When you’re four weeks pregnant and don’t want the baby, you have options. You have the power to make the decision that is right for your situation. Figuring out what to do can feel overwhelming, but we’re here to guide you through the decision-making process so that you can move forward. Below are your three options when four weeks pregnant:

  • Adoption: Adoption can be a great option if you’re four weeks pregnant and not ready to raise a baby. It’s a brave, selfless decision that gives your child the chance to grow up in a stable, loving home with two adoptive parents. It will always be free for you as the prospective birth mother, too. You’ll have the opportunity to choose the perfect family for your baby, maintain contact with your child and much more.
  • Parenting: At four weeks pregnant, you can still decide to parent. But, if you’re uncertain, consider the reasons why you’re unable to parent. Think about your situation, and truly determine if you’re ready or not. Sometimes, parenting might not be the best choice for everyone, and that’s OK. Only you can decide if this option is the best thing for yourself and your baby.
  • Abortion: Depending on your state laws and restrictions, abortion may be an option for you. As the birth mother, you have every right to choose abortion at four weeks pregnant. The choice is yours, and make sure to contact your doctor as soon as you can. But remember that you can choose adoption, and it will always be 100% free for you.

Why Do Birth Mothers Choose Adoption at 4 Weeks Pregnant?

Birth mothers choose adoption at four weeks pregnant for many reasons. Adoption can provide your baby with a stable, loving home while also giving you the chance to pursue goals and dreams. In general, here are three main reasons why birth mothers choose adoption:

1. Financial Hardship

Although choosing adoption because of financial hardship can be difficult, it can also be a selfless, courageous act that will benefit yourself and your child. When you choose adoption at four weeks pregnant, you’re giving your child a loving, financially stable family that has been preparing to welcome your baby into their home.

Birth mother Silvija chose adoption to give her baby everything and more. As a single mother, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to give her baby the life she wanted for them.

“I chose adoption because I couldn’t take care of another child financially, physically or emotionally,” Silvija said. “A child is a lot of work, especially if you are a single mother in a situation like I am. I chose adoption most of all because I want this child to have everything. I don’t want her to suffer for food, clothing, my attention or anything.”

2. A Better Life

When you’re four weeks pregnant and don’t want the baby, adoption can be a way to get your life back on track. During a time when things may feel out of control, adoption lets you create the best life for yourself and your baby. Through adoption, you’ll have the chance to maintain a relationship with your baby while also giving them a brighter future.

As a junior in college, Mary was on the right track toward reaching her goals and dreams. But, when she found out about her unplanned pregnancy, things changed.

“I watched all these accomplishments and dreams fly out the window,” Mary said. “All I knew was that she deserved a chance at a fulfilling life, and, despite the circumstances and all it would cost me, I wanted to give her that chance. I decided that adoption would be the best decision for both her and me.

3. Not Ready to Parent

Parenthood is a big responsibility that requires a significant amount of time, financial stability and emotional maturity. If you’re four weeks pregnant and don’t feel ready to parent, then that’s OK. Recognizing this makes you brave and selfless because you’re choosing to put your baby’s needs before your own. Choosing adoption can provide your baby with a supported environment surrounded by people who love them unconditionally.

As a single mother of three, Angela was scared when she found out about her unplanned pregnancy. Knowing she couldn’t raise her child herself, she made the selfless decision to choose adoption.

“I knew I would not be physically, emotionally or financially able to support yet another child,” Angela said. “I still feel to this day that I made the right decision. I still love my baby, but I know that she will always have a better life with someone who can take better care of her than I could have.”

Choosing adoption is a selfless decision made out of love for your baby. When you’re four weeks pregnant and don’t want the baby, you will always be able to choose adoption. 

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