Placing a Baby for Adoption

Comparing 3 Professionals When Considering Adoption for My Baby

Whom Do I Contact To Place A Baby For Adoption?

If you are “considering putting my baby up for adoption” or have already made an adoption decision, an adoption agency can help.

To begin your adoption journey, you will want to contact an adoption professional. They will walk you through the steps of the adoption process.

There are plenty of adoption professionals out there. Some of them have great credentials while others may not be the right fit for your adoption needs. This is a crucial decision. Your adoption agency should be an appropriate fit for your needs and preferences.

There are many adoption professional options. This guide will help narrow down your search for the right adoption professional to work with when you are “considering adoption for my baby.”

3 Main Types of Adoption Professionals When Considering Adoption for My Baby

When you research different types of adoption professionals, you may find pros and cons of each. In general, an adoption professional will help facilitate the adoption process for you, your baby and the adoptive family.

Whether you have already chosen a family, are still creating your adoption plan or have a general idea of what you want, there is an adoption professional to help. Some can even help at every stage of the process, so you won’t have to work with multiple professionals at a time.

The benefits vary depending on the professional, too. Here are three different types of adoption professionals you could work with when you’re “considering adoption for my baby.”

1. Adoption Agencies When I Am Considering Putting My Baby up for Adoption

The two most commonly used adoption agencies are national adoption agencies and local adoption agencies.

A national adoption agency is typically a well-known agency familiar with national and potentially international adoptions. They’re licensed in many states and can facilitate out-of-state adoptions, giving you the best odds of finding the perfect family for your baby.

They offer comprehensive services like:

  • Adoption and hospital plan development
  • Free counseling and support
  • Financial assistance
  • Post-placement correspondence services
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Screening and matching adoptive families
  • 24/7 support hotline

A local adoption agency operates in one state or metro area, and they’ll have their own guidelines and reputation. They offer similar services to national adoption agencies, but their local focus limits their reach, so they work with fewer hopeful families.

Although a local agency may seem convenient, a national adoption agency’s wider reach means there are many more resources available.

National agencies often employ qualified adoption specialists who can provide you with free, 24/7 support throughout the entire adoption process.

2. Adoption Facilitators When Considering Adoption for My Baby

An adoption facilitator’s main job is to match expectant birth parents with a hopeful adoptive family. In general, adoption facilitators cannot complete the entire adoption process from start to finish.

This requires both parties to find other professionals like adoption attorneys and agencies to complete the legal work and other adoption services.

Also, adoption facilitators are unlicensed and unregulated. They cannot provide legal services or counseling. In fact, adoption facilitators are illegal in nearly all states.

Again, these adoption professionals cannot provide many critical services, such as financial assistance or post-placement support. But, some adoption facilitators may refer you to other adoption professionals who can provide these services.

So, when you are “considering adoption for my baby,” it may be best to start and end your journey with a licensed adoption agency that has the resources to complete your entire adoption process.

3. Adoption Law Centers When Considering Adoption for My Baby

Adoption law centers are attorney-owned corporations that act similarly to adoption agencies, but law centers are not licensed or regulated.

Unlike an adoption law firm, most adoption law centers don’t provide legal adoption services. They often refer clients to separate attorneys for the legal work needed to complete the adoption.

Because of the lack of regulation, it can be difficult to find a good adoption law center. So, you may have to ask a lot of questions.

This can be tiring. But, this choice is too important to make without knowing for sure that the adoption professional you work with when you’re “considering adoption for my baby” is conducting a safe, ethical and legal adoption.

For these reasons, working with a national adoption agency may be the right path for you.

Although adoption law centers are known for their national advertising, a family can still benefit from top-notch, nationwide advertising from a national adoption agency. This way, you can get the support of a social work department and the peace of mind that comes from working with a regulated, licensed professional, too.

Where Do I Begin When I Am Considering Putting My Baby up for Adoption?

If you are still unsure which professional is best for you, then having a few priority items in your adoption plan, whether on paper or in your mind, may help your decision.

Perhaps you want a wide range of families to choose from, or you want more hands-on support. Look at your list and compare it to the services outlined above. 

What are the services you need, and which option fits those needs?

Then, it’s time to contact the adoption professionalyou want to work with.

You will know when you have found the right professional for you. After all, this decision is mostly about what is best for your baby, and parental instincts are incredibly powerful. 

Don’t commit to an adoption professional if you feel uncomfortable with them. When you are “considering adoption for my baby,” you’re in complete control of how you want the process to go.

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