Placing a Baby for Adoption

7 FAQs When Pregnant And Thinking About Adoption

When you’re pregnant and thinking about adoption, you’re putting your child first by wanting them to have the best life possible. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and wondering how to start the adoption process, then you’re not alone.

There are many adoption professionals out there who can guide you through this selfless, life-changing journey.

With the right resources and support, placing your baby for adoption can be a beautiful process that creates a better future for you and your child. But, how can you put your child up for adoption? What does the process look like? This guide will answer seven FAQs about pregnancy and adoption.

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7 FAQs When Pregnant and Thinking about Adoption

Understanding the adoption process is one of the first steps of your adoption journey. This is crucial to help you decide if adoption is the right choice. Every adoption situation is unique, so only you can know what’s best for your baby.

To help you understand what adoption for pregnant mothers looks like, here are seven FAQs about the process:

1. Is it ever too late to choose adoption?

You can choose adoption at any time. Adoption is always an option, no matter where you’re at in your pregnancy. So, if you’re pregnant and considering adoption, know that you can choose adoption even after the baby is born.

As with any adoption situation, there is absolutely no shame in making this sacrifice so your child can have all the opportunities they deserve. It is never too late to consider adoption.

2. Who can help me put my baby up for adoption?

Many adoption professionals and other resources are available to help you during this life-changing journey. One of the first and most important professionals to contact is adoption agencies. They provide essential services to people who are pregnant and considering adoption.

These services put you on track for a successful adoption placement. The best adoption agencies also guide you through the complex emotions of adoption.  If you’re pregnant and thinking about adoption, then here are some notable adoption agencies you can contact:

3. What kind of services and support will I receive throughout my pregnancy?

The adoption agency you work with should be available whenever you need them. The best agencies will offer 24/7 support, which means you can contact your adoption professional at any time of the day, on any day of the week, when you need them most.

When you work with an adoption agency, you’ll have support and guidance through every step of the journey. When you’re pregnant and considering adoption, look for agencies that offer the following:

  • Free, 24/7 counseling so you’re never alone
  • Education about the entire adoption process
  • Contact mediation with hopeful adoptive parents, if you prefer
  • A variety of pre-screened families to choose from
  • And more

4. How much does adoption for pregnant mothers cost?

When you’re pregnant and thinking about adoption, the last thing you want to worry about is paying for the process. But, don’t worry. Adoption is always free for prospective birth mothers.

The financial costs associated with pregnancy and parenting are a reason that many prospective birth parents choose adoption. That’s why you placing your baby for adoption is completely free.

In fact, as the prospective birth mother, you’ll also be eligible for adoption financial assistance to help with things like:

  • Rent
  • Groceries
  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments
  • Maternity clothes
  • And more

Each state has different laws determining what kind of financial assistance you can receive. Your adoption professional will ensure your journey is as stress-free as possible by coordinating financial assistance for your pregnancy-related expenses, including medical, living and legal expenses.

5. How will I find the right family for my baby?

As the prospective birth mother, you’re in charge of everything, including choosing the adoptive parents you believe are best for your baby.

When you work with an adoption agency, you can be as specific as you want by outlining the characteristics of potential adoptive parents. This can include:

  • Family size
  • Living situation
  • Parenting philosophy
  • Religious affiliation
  • Age, race and gender

When you’re pregnant and considering adoption for your baby, you want to know if each adoptive family has undergone extensive screening to ensure the best placement for your baby. Most agencies will offer adoptive family profiles to help you get to know their lives and personalities.

But, some adoption agencies go a step further and offer adoptive family video profiles to give you an in-depth, visual look into their lifestyles and living situation.

6. Will I be able to see my child after the adoption?

The vast majority of adoptions today are open adoptions. This means that, when you place your child for adoption, it isn’t the end of your relationship. One of the best parts of open adoption is you can decide how close you want to be with the adoptive family.

In open adoption, placement isn’t “goodbye.” Rather, it’s “see you later.” This type of adoption is recommended for birth parents and adoptive families that want to get to know each other before the adoption and continue their relationship after finalization.

If you’re pregnant and considering adoption, then open adoption allows you to have a relationship with your child without the mediation of an adoption professional.  Your relationship with the adoptive family will grow naturally, and you can stay in touch with your child and the family for years to come.

7. How can I begin the adoption process?

If you’re ready to begin the adoption process, then you should first contact an adoption agency and ask them about the various services they offer. Make sure they provide the essential services mentioned above and ask them any questions you have about the adoption process.

Also, ask them how they handle financial assistance and pregnancy-related expenses. The adoption professional you choose will help you get started and create an adoption plan.

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