Open Adoption with Your Child

What to Know about Open Adoption Families

Understanding Open Adoption Relationships

Open adoption is today’s standard for the adoption journey. Unlike closed adoptions, where contact between adoptive families is nonexistent, open adoption allows for ongoing communication and relationships for everyone involved.

There are varying degrees of contact you can have in an open adoption family. You’ll be in complete control of how much contact you have with the adoptive family and your child.

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What Is an Open Adoption Family Relationship?

The dynamics of an open adoption relationship depend on the specific arrangement and level of openness agreed upon with the hopeful adoptive parents. Open adoption families typically have open lines of communication and involvement throughout the adoption and beyond. The amount of communication involved will ultimately depend on your comfort level.

One of the benefits of this type of relationship is that there is no set rule on how much contact you’re supposed to have. Instead, you’ll choose how open you wish to be when you create your adoption plan. Then, your birth parent specialist will find open adoption family profiles that match your preferences.

What Type of Communication Is Involved in Open Adoption Families?

In an open adoption, you’ll have the chance to communicate directly with the adoptive family. This can include:

  • Email
  • Text
  • Phone calls
  • Video chat
  • In-person visits
  • Handwritten letters
  • Or whatever you’re comfortable with

The frequency and type of communication depend on the agreement made with the open adoption family. It can range from occasional updates to more frequent contact. According to American Adoptions, a licensed national adoption agency, open adoption lets you build a lasting relationship with the family, allowing you to stay connected to your child for years to come.

What Are the Benefits of Finding Open Adoption Families?

There are many benefits for children of open adoption and their families. Open adoption allows you to build a relationship with the adoptive family and your child after the adoption. You’ll be able to develop a meaningful bond with the adoptive parents as they share information, updates and milestones about your child’s life.

Another benefit of finding open adoption families is that it can help you cope with any difficult emotions you may be feeling post-placement.  Many birth mothers have struggled with grief and loss after parting ways with their children. But many find that choosing an open adoption can provide the kind of closure and reassurance they need.

“[Adoptive parents] Cliff and Julie are definitely a blessing to my life,” birth mother Amanda, who chose an open adoption, said. “They continue to keep in touch by email and they also include pictures fairly regularly, allowing me to see his growth. This is such an amazing gift and always reassures me that he is well-loved and cared for.”

Are There Reputable Agencies That Can Find Open Adoption Families?

The most reputable adoption agencies to work with are national adoption agencies. National agencies work with open adoption families across the country, allowing you to find a family that fits your preferences. Some of these agencies require their adoptive families to be open to some level of contact.

National agencies also offer more support and guidance than local professionals. This ensures that the adoptive family is well-educated about open adoption family relationships. It also gives you the support you need to decide what type of adoption you want to pursue. Below are some reputable adoption agencies you can contact today:

How Can I Find Open Adoption Waiting Families?

Finding open adoption families begins when you contact an adoption agency. Although each adoption journey is unique, you can expect the process of finding a family to consist of five steps:

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