Placing Your Baby for Adoption in Oregon

Open Adoption in Oregon

Embarking on the journey of adoption comes with a myriad of decisions, one of the most significant being whether you want to maintain a connection with your child as time passes. If you desire a connection with your child in the future, open adoption in Oregon might be the answer.

When you make the courageous choice of adoption, you are in control of every aspect of the process. In this article, we’ll explore what open adoption is and how it can provide a pathway to a lifelong connection with your child.

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What Is Open Adoption?

Open adoption is a modern approach that allows you to maintain a connection with your child and the adoptive family after placement.

Unlike the traditional, completely anonymous adoptions of the past, open adoption has become more prevalent today, offering you the opportunity to be actively involved in your child’s life.

What Does Open Adoption Mean for Me?

In Oregon, the open adoption definition goes beyond just staying in touch after placement. It means building a lifelong bond with your child and the adoptive family if you wish.

As the decision-maker in the adoption process, you can determine the level of contact and communication. This ensures that you have as much or as little contact as you’re comfortable with.

The forms of post-placement communication in an open adoption in Oregon can include:

  • Photos
  • Letters
  • Mail
  • Email
  • Text
  • Phone calls
  • Video chats

These options provide flexibility, allowing you to find what works best for you. No two adoptions are the same, and the amount of communication you desire may differ from another birth mother — and that’s perfectly OK.

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Open Vs. Closed Adoption

When you choose adoption, you have the power to decide what is best for you. Closed adoption might be the right choice if you prefer not to share personal information with your child or adoptive family, or if you believe it will bring you closure.

But open adoption offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Your child understanding their background and history
  • Receiving pictures and letters to watch your child grow
  • Providing potentially life-saving medical history information in emergencies

If open adoption doesn’t sound something like you’re ready for, that’s OK. But choosing open adoption in some form, like semi-open adoption, allows you to have that relationship with your child and the adoptive family down the road if you so choose.

In a semi-open adoption, you and the adoptive family share information and maintain a level of contact, but it’s typically mediated through an intermediary, such as an adoption agency.

Unlike open adoption, where direct communication is more frequent and varied, semi-open adoption involves a more structured approach. You may receive updates on your child’s well-being, but personal contact is limited.

This middle ground provides a balance between the privacy of a closed adoption and the transparency of an open one, offering a unique and often mutually beneficial arrangement for all parties involved.

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When you choose adoption, you’re making a courageous, selfless decision that puts you in control of your story. Your journey is unique, and we’re here for you.

Open adoption in Oregon empowers you to maintain a lifelong connection with your child.

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