Placing Your Baby for Adoption in New Hampshire

Unplanned Pregnancy Options in New Hampshire

Finding yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy can be an overwhelming and uncertain time. If you are in New Hampshire and considering your options, you’re not alone, and there is help available. Click here to get help now.

This article will explore your choices for unplanned pregnancy, focusing on the support and assistance that can guide you through this challenging situation.

Exploring Your Options


One of the primary options available to women facing an unplanned pregnancy is parenting. This choice involves raising your child and providing the love and care they need. Parenting is a significant responsibility but can be a rewarding and fulfilling journey.

Support: If you choose to parent, several resources in New Hampshire can assist you. Local organizations and government programs offer support with financial assistance, childcare services, and parenting education.


Adoption is another viable choice, offering the opportunity to provide your child with a loving, stable home and a bright future. Open adoption, in particular, allows you to maintain a connection with your child and their adoptive family.

Support: Working with a reputable adoption agency, such as American Adoptions, can make the adoption process smoother. You’ll receive financial assistance to help with rent and bills during and after your pregnancy, ensuring you have the support you need. Additionally, adoption agencies provide guidance, counseling, and 24/7 support for birth mothers.


Abortion is a legal option in New Hampshire. If you are considering abortion, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider who can discuss the available procedures, potential risks, and legal requirements.

Support: Several healthcare providers in New Hampshire offer counseling and medical services for women seeking abortion.

Understanding Open Adoption

Open adoption is a unique and increasingly popular option that allows birth parents to select their child’s adoptive family and remain in contact. This choice offers numerous benefits for everyone involved.

Benefits of Open Adoption:

  1. Connection: You can stay connected with your child, receiving updates on their well-being and milestones.
  2. Choice: You can choose the adoptive family, ensuring your child will be raised in a loving and stable environment.
  3. Peace of Mind: Knowing your child is thriving and happy provides peace of mind and closure.
  4. Reduced Stigma: Open adoption helps to reduce the stigma often associated with adoption, creating a more open and accepting environment.

Support: American Adoptions is an excellent example of an adoption agency that specializes in open adoptions. They can provide information, assistance, and access to a network of screened adoptive families. Their expertise ensures you have the support you need throughout the adoption process.

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Facing an unplanned pregnancy in New Hampshire doesn’t mean you are without options or support. Whether you choose parenting, adoption, or abortion, there are resources available to guide you. If you decide that adoption is the right choice for you, working with a reputable adoption agency like American Adoptions will provide the financial assistance, emotional support, and expertise you need. Remember, you are not alone, and there is help available every step of the way.

For more information and assistance, please explore our other articles on the adoption process, or feel free to contact us if you are ready to speak with an adoption professional.

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